Resources and Support for Childhood Education

In today’s episode, Kris features Ron Spreeuwenberg. Ron is the co-founder and CEO of HiMama, an app for daycares that allows parents to better connect with their children during the day. Ron is a heart-centered leader serving the early childhood education industry with technology and interconnecting his community. He talks with Kris about what inspired him to get into early childhood and create the HiMama app, the balance between visibility and empowerment, the innovation of his benchmark survey, his own adventures in podcasting, and how he is committed to the vision of helping childhood education get more support and resources.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Kris just returned from Orlando from a behind-the-scenes experience for child care leaders at a Disney Service Bootcamp. If you missed out, don’t worry, as we are hoping to do another trip in the spring of 2020.
  • Child Care Marketing is in the middle of Enrollment Bootcamp. If you did not get to sign up for the Enrollment Bootcamp challenge this time, we are taking a waiting list for the next one.
  • Kris welcomes her guest Ron Spreeuwenberg. He is on the software side of early education. He shares his journey from a corporate engineering and business background to consulting and then taking a leap in starting HiMama.
  • Ron learned about the gap in investment and challenges within the child care area and it stood out to him that he could make a difference.
  • Ron is based in Toronto and is a new father. Fun fact: he comes from a long line of mushroom farmers in both the Netherlands and Canada.
  • They are very particular about how they design their HiMama app. The three core ideals that drive their development are the educational component, empowering educators, and a simple and easy to use interface.
  • HiMama is supporting the community in many ways, including the weekly podcast, the benchmark survey, the ECE of the year award, driving forward positive core values, or having their 25% of their employees possess a background in the early childcare field.
  • HiMama provides a tool to support teachers and ensures they get proper training to make the process as simplistic as possible. Reporting and organizing information should be made easier through the app, not something that adds an extra source of stress.
  • Kris highly recommends engaging in the Benchmark Report. The survey comes out in the fall, and they keep it open until February. If you participate in the survey you get first access when it comes out, and data customized to your own needs.
  • With over 100 episodes of The Preschool Podcast, Ron is on the leading edge of understanding trends and knowing what qualities of leadership from others can emerge when given the correct resources and support.
  • Ron would cite one of his biggest challenges is creating and maintaining an engaged team.
  • A true child care rockstar to Ron is a leader that is authentic, always learning, open minded, action-oriented, compassionate and not afraid to make change happen.

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