Attention Child Care Owners and Leaders!

 If You Are Overwhelmed, Losing Money, Or Just Plain Tired Of Being Tired, This Brand New 2-Day Virtual Event Will Give You A Clear Path To Get Unstuck, and BACK TO THRIVING, Not Just Surviving

A 100% Free 2-Day Virtual Event with Kris Murray and Friends

A Special Video Message for You From Kris Murray

From the desk of Kris Murray:

Many child care business owners are facing immense challenges. You may be experiencing all of these, or you may be feeling more stable and successful than you’ve ever been. Most likely, you’re somewhere in the middle.  

    • You are still under-enrolled – whether it’s just 1 child or 100, you’re leaving money on the table
    • You still can’t find good people to hire, or you can’t afford them
    • You’re still in the classroom 
    • You’re more overwhelmed than ever
    • Your EIDL Loans have come due and you’re having trouble making the payments
    • You have no clear financial metrics or enrollment data, you just know it’s not good 
    • You have zero time to focus on how to get out of this mess

This 2-day event has been specifically designed to help you find a NEW PATH to solving these challenges once and for all in your business. It IS possible, you just need new tools to deal with the new landscape we are living in.

We are here to teach you both how to get “back to basics” as well as new advanced strategies to help you conquer these issues. We want to come alongside you and help you find time in your week so you can focus on what matters – key business best practices and shortcut strategies that you’ve never been taught or may have forgotten along this challenging journey we’ve been living since COVID-19.

For many of you, time is of the essence. If you are feeling desperate, burnt out, and may even be thinking about closing your doors, this event is ESPECIALLY for you.

Meet Your Industry-Leading Expert Speakers

The Event Schedule & What to Expect

Friday, April 12th from 10 am ET – 8 pm ET
(9 am – 7 pm CT, 8 am – 6 pm MNT, 7 am – 5 pm PT)

Saturday, April 13th from 10 am ET – 5 pm ET
(9 am – 4 pm CT, 8 am – 3 pm MNT, 7 am – 2 pm PT)

The event is 100 percent virtual, meaning you can attend all the sessions, engage with chat participation and virtual breakout rooms, small group discussions, and so much more – all from the comfort of your home or office. 

All you need is a computer, laptop, or tablet (while it’s possible, we do not recommend attending on a cell phone) with a browser as well as the Zoom app. All attendees will be provided with an event workbook PDF which we recommend you print out in advance of Friday morning’s kickoff.

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Here’s a Sneak Peek of What You’ll Learn During This 2-Day Event

Confident to Lead

presented by Beth Cannon

Learn the 3 Key Strategies Child Care Leaders Need to Lead and Succeed!

Whether you are an experienced or an emerging leader OR an owner looking to upskill your leadership team, this session will give you ideas for implementation in leading yourself, your staff, and your school.

If you’re ready to…

  • ACCOMPLISH MORE… Feel more fulfilled, focused, and established at work
  • ALIGN YOUR TEAM… Implement a system of accountability so that you know who’s doing what work and when…and your team knows the Why!
  • ACCELERATE YOUR GROWTH… By understanding the key strategic and operational efficiencies that skyrocket your school.

It’s time to transform doubt into confidence so that you can rewrite your leadership story with clarity, courage, and conviction.

Thriving as a Middle Manager

presented by Jennifer Slavin

Thriving as a middle manager in early childhood settings and schools requires a multifaceted approach up, down, and across the organizational structure. Middle managers serve as the bridge between top leadership and front-line staff, balancing strategic directives with operational realities. Effective leadership in this role entails not just issuing commands but also inspiring and empowering teams to achieve their best. Building strong relationships with both superiors and subordinates is essential to fostering trust, collaboration, and a positive work environment. Finally, implementing practical solutions involves problem-solving, resource management, and adaptability to ensure smooth operations and quality care for children.

In this session you will learn:

  1. Understand the importance of the middle manager’s position in achieving organizational goals and fostering a positive work culture.
  2. Identify the core principles of effective leadership in early childhood schools and centers. 
  3. Understand the significance of building strong relationships with superiors, peers, and direct reports.
  4. Learn to analyze situations, identify root causes, and develop effective solutions.

The Lasting Impact of Delegation

presented by Ashley Varouhas

This presentation will teach you the importance of delegation, not only to regain precious time in your life, but as a tool to lift up and empower your team. We will go over strategies to uncover your team’s unique brilliances and strengths, as well as decide which tasks can be delegated out, and most importantly to whom! This training will help you identify the common reasons or barriers affecting the implementation of delegation within your program, and will ultimately allow you to focus on what matters most!

In this session you will learn:

  1. How to identify the unique brilliances of yourself and your team
  2. How to empower your staff through the art of delegation
  3. The “when, how, and what” of delegation
  4. How to identify and overcome barriers to effective delegation

Hiring Procedures and Best Practices

presented by Tasha Santistevan

Join us for an insightful webinar that will level up your program’s hiring process! 

Hiring Procedures and Best Practices is designed to teach you to attract, evaluate, and onboard quality applicants effectively. This webinar will not only provide you with actionable insights, but also equip you with the tools and knowledge to refine your hiring process, making it more efficient, effective, and aligned with your organizational goals.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  1. The importance of a structured hiring funnel and discover innovative strategies to generate a steady stream of high-quality candidates.
  2. How to Navigate Phone and In-Person Interviews: Dive deep into conducting impactful phone screenings and in-person interviews. Learn how to craft questions that reveal not just the skills but the character of your candidates.
  3. How to Spot Interview Red Flags: Gain insights into identifying potential red flags during interviews. Assessing ‘goodness of fit’ and why it’s crucial for long-term success.
  4. How to Seal the Deal: Learn critical elements of an employment offer. 
  5. Our Onboarding Framework: Discover effective orientation strategies that ensure a smooth transition for your new hires into productive and engaged members of your team.

People Before Purpose

presented by Steve Lloyd

People Before Purpose is about getting the right people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus before you can drive the bus. “Who” questions come before “what” decisions. In this session, we’ll explore what a good hire looks like, how to get the right people in the right seats, and other strategies to help leaders make difficult people decisions.

In this session, you’ll learn:

  1. How to know what a good hire looks like.
  2. How to get the right people in the right seats.
  3. How to make difficult people decisions.
  4. How to move your staff from “good” to “great.”

Plus, You Could Win One of Many Prizes During The Event!

During the event, Kris will randomly select one individual to win an all-expenses-paid trip to The Child Care Success Summit 2024 on October 10-12, 2024! This exclusive opportunity includes two tickets to attend, a three-night stay at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in Chicago, and a generous $1,000 towards travel expenses. Must be present to win.

Q. Who is This Challenge For?

A. This 2-Day event has been specifically designed for any child care business owner. This event is for you if you…

    • Want to improve your staff turnover and find a consistent stream of A-player teachers who seek out working for your business.
    • Need new effective approaches and strategies to manage your enrollment and family retention
    • Need help navigating the complexities of financial management
    • Can’t keep up with the ever-evolving licensing requirements, health and safety standards, and inspections
    • Are so buried in administrative tasks and paperwork that you no longer feel like you’re being productive
    • Are ready to prioritize your own professional development and keep up with industry trends

Q. Why Is This Event Called a “Challenge”?

A. If you’ve been following Kris Murray, you know that she and her team love to run week-long challenges. We’ve decided to compress the challenge format and run micro-challenges throughout these 2 days together to get you energized and inspired. 

We want this event to shake you out of your day-to-day “blahs” and help you fall in love with your business again! You just need inspiration and mentorship to get started on a new path – your Road to Freedom. 

Q. Will a Certificate of Participation Be Provided?

A. Yes! All registered participants will receive a Certificate of Participation for 15 training hours at the end of the event.

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