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Get the Most Out of This Life-Changing Challenge by Upgrading to VIP and Get Private Access to Child Care Business Experts Kris Murray and Jen Conner

Upgrade To VIP And Get $2,235 In Bonuses

If you’re looking to have the highest level of access to get your questions answered that are specific to your ECE business by Kris Murray and her coaching team, then you’re invited to register as a VIP. Only VIPs will have the ability to interact with Kris and the other presenters during this event and ask their questions directly, and have access to the full replay of the event to rewatch and reference at any time. 

2 VIP Q&A Hours with Kris Murray & Jennifer Conner ($494 Value)

Exclusively available to VIP attendees only, Kris Murray and Jennifer Conner will stand ready to address your burning questions and provide invaluable guidance tailored to your unique ECE business challenges during these two VIP Q&A Hour Sessions.

These dedicated sessions promise to be transformative opportunities for personal and professional growth. Engage directly with Kris and Jennifer, tapping into their wealth of knowledge and experience, and emerge empowered to navigate the road to freedom with clarity and confidence.

Lifetime Access to the Full Event Replay ($997 Value)

Unlock the door to perpetual inspiration and knowledge with lifetime access to the Road to Freedom 2-Day Challenge full event replays. Delve into the wealth of expertise and insights shared during this transformative experience at your convenience, as you gain unrestricted access to all sessions and discussions. Whether you seek to revisit key strategies, refresh your memory on pivotal moments, or simply immerse yourself in the empowering atmosphere of the challenge, these replays serve as your ever-ready reference guide. With the flexibility to watch at any time and as many times as you desire, you can harness the wisdom gleaned from industry leaders and experts whenever inspiration strikes. Embrace the journey to freedom on your own terms, armed with the invaluable resources of knowledge and guidance provided by the Road to Freedom 2-Day Challenge full event replays. 

The Ultimate Culture Toolkit for ECE Owners ($147 Value)

Create the ultimate staff retention plan with our  Ultimate Culture Toolkit for ECE Owners! This comprehensive toolkit includes the Student and Staff Retention Guide, designed to empower you with strategies to enhance loyalty and engagement among both students and staff. Dive deeper into effective team dynamics with Kris Murray’s Guide to Awesome Team Meetings, a blueprint for conducting meetings that inspire collaboration and productivity. Moreover, our Teacher Appreciation Week Guide is your go-to manual for celebrating and recognizing the dedication of your educators, ensuring they feel valued and motivated. And to infuse creativity into your marketing efforts, our Oddball Holiday Marketing Cheat Sheet, packed with innovative ideas to captivate your audience and drive engagement year-round. This will be mailed straight to your door shortly after the event is over!

45-Minute Strategy Session ($597 Value)

Our caring and knowledgeable success coaches are standing by to help you solve the painful and difficult parts of your preschool business. Whether you need help in enrollment-building, cash flow, finding quality staff, delegation, or growth strategies, we can help. 

This strategy session is designed to help you map out the path that will help you reach your goals and make life easier.

We will spend a full 45 minutes in a truly personal conversation designed to identify the gaps in how you run your early childhood business, and give you strategies and ideas to solve your issues.

Upgrade To VIP And Get $2,235 In Bonuses