Rockstars Never Give Up with Danielle Paige

Danielle Paige opened Academic Explorers in Roosevelt, New York, and has built the business to a place where she is at 95% full capacity, and able to work remotely with an extremely capable and dedicated team. She joins the show to talk about the systems and leadership components she put into place that have made the most difference, and how she is able to successfully run her school from Philadelphia. Danielle also talks about how a true rockstar never gives up, and the lessons she learned from experience that she would recommend to those that are just starting out.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Academic Explorers is a Preschool and Enrichment Center in Roosevelt New York, with a total enrollment of 90 children. Danielle always dreamed of being a teacher, and opening a home daycare in 2014 was her first experience in owning a business.
  • Fun Fact: Danielle has had a YouTube channel since 2012, and gives tips for child care providers.
  • Danielle found Kris on YouTube, then jumped on a call with Brian who introduced her to the Academy.
  • A few major shifts that Danielle made in her work that really made a difference include advertising on Facebook, standing by policies and not being afraid of the outcome, finding mentors and coaches, and getting clear about establishing and implementing core values and service standards. She is also able to work remotely because she has set up clear boundaries and funnels who parents work with, and handles the in-person needs when she comes to the school.
  • Danielle highly recommends ChildCareCRM to those looking to help manage the program and boost enrollment.
  • If Danielle could do it all again, she would market before her doors were open, and promote to get the word out.
  • Danielle views a rockstar as someone who perseveres even during tough times and never gives up.

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