Rolling With the Changes Into A Successful 2021 with Brittany Luther

IIn this episode, I am so happy to be joined by the wonderful Brittney Luther. Brittney is an early childhood education leader, owner of two Young Sprouts locations in Texas, and an Empire member in our Child Care Success Academy. During our time together, she shares so many valuable nuggets of knowledge and strategies that she’s learned throughout her journey in the ECE industry that she accredits to her expansion. Brittney also provides us with an inside look at how has been able to grow and retain her enrollment, how she’s utilized e-packets to set her schools apart from the rest in her area, and the strategies that she uses to find the right people and parents. There’s a takeaway for every listener in this episode!

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode: 

  • [00:01] Kris shares some exciting Child Care Success Company updates and announcements.

  • [12:02] Brittney shares a bit about her background and what inspired her to get her start in the child care business.

  • [13:04] Brittney shares what her current enrollment looks like in both of her centers. 

  • [15:25] Brittney shares how her centers set themselves apart from others in her area and what some of their unique benefits are.

  • [17:09] Brittney reveals the biggest business challenge that she has faced so far and how she’s been able to overcome it.

  • [21:00] Kris asks Brittney if she has any more vision for expansion and if so what it looks like.

  • [21:42] Kris asks Brittney to share what marketing strategies she has found to work for her market regarding enrollment. 

  • [23:24] Brittney shares what “must-have” qualities she looks for when hiring a director and an enrollment specialist.  

  • [29:29] Kris asks Brittney to shares one thing that she would do differently if she had to begin her ECE journey all over again? 

  • [31:08] Brittney shares how she defines a true Child Care Rockstar.


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