Secrets to Maintaining Full Enrollment During a Crisis with Alvin Ayusa

Alvin Ayusa is a true example of a Child Care Rockstar, immigrating from the Philippines and living separated from his family for ten years, to now owning two locations in California at 90% enrollment. Alvin shares how his background in systems and software automation helped him understand integral practices in marketing and enrollment, and how the Leadership Mastery class helped him develop a high-level culture. Alvin and Kris discuss some of the amazing action items Just 4 Kids took, including adjusting phone scripts and virtual tours, spreading community goodwill, and clear communication.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Alvin has a background in software and analytics and lived apart from his family for ten years when he immigrated to the United States. Upon his wife coming to the United States, they thought about a daycare business, but it wasn’t her calling. He had a friend in Las Vegas who purchased a preschool, and it helped show him that it was a business step that may be worth it for him and his family.

  • Alvin’s first preschool was acquired in October 2018, and the second one was just over six months after. One is 190 capacity and the other is 36, with eighteen employees and two directors. Alvin and his wife both take a hands-on role, both working from home and going into the schools sometimes one to two times a month.

  • Fun fact: Alvin was very close to becoming a Catholic priest. Now with his wife and three kids, he is obviously meant to be doing what is on his path now!

  • Alvin was able to jump into a lot of the tech that helps schools and centers be more successful and combine it with the knowledge he previously had through his tech background.

  • Alvin took the COVID-19 news seriously from the start and took immediate action by sending a letter to parents and allocating his website space to become a landing page for parents to go and read real-time FAQs and all previous communication.

  • In addition to discounts and avoiding layoffs as much as possible, Alvin and his team did a goodwill series video campaign that connected the community and their competitors. With a 90% enrollment rate, Alvin and his hard-working team deserve a big kudos.

  • The pandemic was the first time they were able to implement their e-packet and created one specifically focused on COVID-19.

  • Alvin’s staff understood what they were going through and saw the value of themselves through the Leadership Mastery class. Everyone is on the same page and speaking the same language.

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