Sharing Our Brownies at Child Care Conferences

I once heard a story about sharing your brownies.

Imagine you’ve gone through the trouble to make a delicious batch of homemade, ooey-gooey, chocolatey goodness.

As the brownies bake, they begin to fill your home with the sweet smells of yumminess. Anyone walking into your house would be met with the happy anticipation of soon tasting one of these delicious, freshly baked treats.

And that’s exactly what we should do with our brownies – share them with people!

We shouldn’t be selfish and greedy, keeping them all to ourselves. We’d become fat, bloated, & lonely if we never shared the gift of these delicious brownies with other people.

In contrast, sharing our brownies would:

  • Bring a smile to others, boost their morale
  • Satisfy a hunger or craving
  • Provide a shared experience, thus building relationships
  • Strengthen friendships through this act of caring
  • Create a ripple effect of kindness
  • Make us feel good about ourselves for sharing/caring/helping

It’s the same way with the gifts, talents, and knowledge that we possess as individuals. If we keep our genius and our experiences to ourselves, the world will not get to benefit from the value that we have to offer. We have the potential to solve issues, ease pain, create new relationships, make a difference, experience fulfillment and more – just because we were willing to share.

So, our team has been busy traveling to various early childhood conferences around the country, sharing our brownies with as many child care business owners as we can.

We’ve been sharing our gifts, knowledge, and experiences in the form of enrollment building strategies, best business practices, solving staff and workplace culture issues, and so much more. It is our mission to help improve the world of early childhood education by improving the business of child care.

Here’s a recap of where we’ve been:

The National Child Nutrition Conference


Todd Cusumano

Chicago, IL – April 23rd-25th

Todd Cusumano, our Strategic Partnerships Manager, was able to spend his week in the Windy City at the National Child Nutrition Conference manning the CCSC exhibitor booth and connecting with hundreds of amazing early childhood leaders.

Georgia Child Care Association’s Spring Owner’s Conference


Sindye Alexander & Brian Duprey

Duluth, GA – April 18th

Coach Brian Duprey and Sindye Alexander presented at the Georgia Child Care Association Spring Owner’s and Director’s Conference mid-April.

Coach Brian’s presentation was titled “Purpose, Passion & Profitability.” His inspiring talk was well attended by many Georgia child care business owners who are striving to be the best leaders they can be.

Sindye presented two workshops designed to help child care owners and directors with two of the most prevalent issues frustrating early childhood businesses today:

  • “Child Care Rockstar Hiring Secrets: How to find All the Teachers You Need to Hire in a Tight Labor Market.”
  • “Creating a Caring Culture: How Does Your Team Know You Really Care About Them, and Why Does It Matter?”

Association of Early Learning Leaders 35th National Conference


Tameenah Adams

Dallas, TX – April 10th-12th

Coach Tameenah Adams presented at the AELL 35th National Conference in Dallas, TX last month! Tameenah’s session focused on helping child care owners and directors minimize their daily workload by using new delegation strategies that ensure employees are clear on their roles.

Tameenah spent the entire week at the conference, being sure to take advantage of the time to spend with both old and new friends, and even a few Academy members of ours!


Florida Association of Early Learning Coalitions – Annual Conference Feb 2019

Kris Murray

Gainesville, FL – February 28th

Kris Murray presented at the Florida Association of Early Learning Coalitions Annual Conference in February.

Through our decade of work with child care business owners, Kris knows firsthand that we all struggle from time to time with negative thoughts, feelings, and habits. Kris shared her proven process for how to transform your daily thoughts and habits to support a positive mindset, and shift what’s possible for your life, your career, and your relationships in her session titled “The Power of a Positive Mindset: How to Get More Out of Your Life, Your Work, and Your Relationships.”

In her second session, Kris taught “The Business Success Formula: How You Can Help Providers Understand What’s Possible and Get Started on the Path to a Successful, Winning Child Care Program.” She knows that many child care providers lack the essential business and marketing skills to attract and retain families, keep great teachers, manage their finances, and essentially – run their child care business like a business. Kris shared her signature strategies and actual case studies of Florida providers who have used these proven techniques to get fully enrolled, double their income, pay their teachers more, improve quality, add jobs, increase parent satisfaction, and much more. Participants (mostly agency leaders that work with child care programs in some way) left this session with a step-by-step roadmap for how to better serve the child care providers in their areas and set them up for long-term success.


​We’d love to share more of our brownies with early learning businesses around the country. If you know of a conference or workshop that we should speak at, please let us know in the comments below.

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