Child Care Business Success
Training Products

Enrollment Boot Camp

Enrollment and Retention Strategies Guaranteed to 10x Your Investment.

Leadership Mastery For Early Educators

Gain the Knowledge & Skills  to Effectively Lead Your Team.

Hire Right Master Class

Find & Hire Qualified Teachers Who Are a Fit for Your Program.

The Ultimate Price Resistance Formula

The “Secret Formula”  to Attract All the Clients You Need with ZERO Resistance to Your Pricing.

Grow Your Summer Camp

Transform Your Summer Camp into a Widly Successful, Profitable  Program.

6 Tour Mistakes Training

 6-part Training Workshop  for Early Childhood Businesses Looking to Maximize Their Enrollment.

The Ultimate Time Management Guide

Learn Kris Murray’s 9 Secret Strategies for Getting More Done in Less Time.

How to Compete with Free

Kris Murrays Shares Her Secret Sauce  for Competing with Free Programs in Your Area.

How to Avoid 32 Huge Culture Crushing Mistakes

Sindye Alexander Walks You Through 32 of the Biggest Culture Crushing Mistakes to Avoid as a Leader.

Growth Hacks Audio

How to Grow & Expand  Your Child Care Business – Easily, Effectively, & Pain Free.

Biggest Leadership Lessons

Gain Expert Tips & Advice  from Kris Murray & the CCSC Faculty that You Can Start Applying to Your Leadership Style Immediately.

The Email Marketing Accelerator Pack

Learn Exactly How to Create Your Very Own Series of Autoresponders  to Uplevel Your Customer Follow-up Process.

Leadership Language Swipe File

Stop Dragging Your Feet When it Comes to Having Difficult Conversations with Your Staff.

Kris Talks Leadership with Donna Thornton-Roberts

Kris & Donna Share Their Expertise an Insights on How to Build a Winning Leadership Hierarchy with Your Staff.

The Child Care Job Description Blueprint & Swipe File

Learn How to Build a Detailed and Thorough Job Description.

The Big Book of Best Strategies

7 Special Reports With Insider Marketing Information to Skyrocket Your Results.

The Ultimate Lead Generation & Promotion Swipe File

Foolproof Ways to Promote Your Business and Build Your List.  

Facebook Ads Training with Bruce Spurr

A Mini-Course on Mastering Social Media Ads for Your Preschool!

5 Steps to Taming Your One-Ton Tiger

Letting Go of Thoughts, Habits, and People No Longer Serving You.

Community Marketing Video Pack

Learn How to Build Brand Recognition Throughout Your Community

Fierce Conversations With Tameenah Adams

Negotiating Relationships with Teachers and Parents!