Six Ways LifeCubby’s Child Care Management Software Creates Happier Parents

As my fellow childcare professionals know, an engaged parent is a happy parent. However, keeping parents “in the know” about each child’s progress and daily activities can be tedious and time-consuming. Until now. 

I’m Sue Testaguzza, the founder of LifeCubby, the easy-to-use childcare management software trusted by centers nationwide. Before starting LifeCubby in 2011, I operated three childcare centers myself – so I experienced, firsthand, the need for a technology that could make regular collaboration and communication between teachers and parents speedy and seamless. 

With our team of brilliant developers, we’ve built parent-participation functionality into many of our software’s features, while eliminating some frequent communication barriers.

Here are just a few of the ways LifeCubby can help you attract and keep happier, more engaged parents:

1. Keep them up-to-date on current – and repeat – events.

Most parents hate to miss picture-worthy events starring their child, or to forget to dress their kid up on “pajama day.” LifeCubby’s interactive event calendar is available to parents (via our proprietary parent app), and reoccurring events can be set to auto-repeat.

2. Don’t surprise them with money.

Sure, being the surprise recipient of funds is nice, but the reverse situation (unexpectedly owing money) isn’t. With LifeCubby’s app, parents can easily review their tuition history and keep track of when payments are due (they can also be billed through the app and enjoy payment predictability).

3. Log the moments.

With LifeCubby’s observation logs, teachers can provide regular updates on each child’s activities at school – nap time, meals, snacks, etc. Also, parents can be a collaborative part of the experience by adding their own observations (pictures, new learning benchmarks, etc.) of their child at home to the log for center staff to review.

4. Bring the fun and milestones to life with photos (and video).

With the LifeCubby app, it’s never been easier to visually show parents all the fun, developmental adventures their children experience each day through a continuously updated photo roll. Teachers can easily tag each student in photos (parents can only see photos in which their child is tagged for extra safety and security) while also noting learned skills through the shown activity. Parents can then easily save and share their favorite images.

5. Make contact instantly and conveniently.

Within the LifeCubby app, we offer live digital messaging between parents and teachers. Communication is quick, easy and both parents and teachers can enjoy having all shared updates and messages in one convenient place (our app).

6. Demonstrate your commitment to safety and security.

With LifeCubby, parents can rest assured that all of their private financial data is safe and secure.
Whether it’s the director dashboard, the classroom app or the parent app, the LifeCubby system requires 2-factor authentication for access and attendance and all data is encrypted for top-notch security. Plus, within the parent app, it’s only possible to see content specific to each parent’s child. 

While it’s important for parents to be actively involved in their child’s development, we at
LifeCubby recognize early childhood educators shouldn’t be burdened with time- intensive reporting that takes attention away from the students. That’s why all of the features we’ve shared above are automated or take seconds to utilize. 

We want parents to be more engaged and happier while granting teachers with the gift of freed-up time to focus on each child. If you’d like to see how LifeCubby can help you attract and retain happy parents, sign up for a free demo at

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