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You began your business because you wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. With our mission to impact the lives of one million children through ECE leaders like you, we want to help you accomplish that goal like never before.

Like many entrepreneurs, you most likely began your journey as an ECE owner because you had a passion and let your heart guide you into this. But having passion and heart doesn’t always translate into knowing how to tackle all of the challenges that come with owning your own ECE business.

The reality you’ve realized is that it’s not feasible to run a successful business on passion and heart alone. Lately, you’ve started to feel like you’re losing some of that passion. You don’t know how much longer you can handle walking into what now has become a toxic workplace – your days are filled with covering ratio, putting out fires amongst your staff, or starring at your books stressing out over how you’ll make payroll.

You are ready to stop working 70-hour work weeks and stressing out over revenue and ready to start living out your passion again. Money is not everything, but it is an important thing.

You’d like to feel secure and certain in your financial situation so that you have the freedom to pursue your goals both personally and professionally.

You want to provide the highest quality of care for children and families in your community because you know that you were called to do so. It’s time to start doing what you love again and re-ignite your fire so you can live out your calling and live your best life.

Take a Second to Imagine Your ECE Business and Life Differently…

The heartfelt mission of the entire Child Care Success Company™ team is to improve the child care experience for one million children on the planet, by raising the bar on the experience for teachers, parents, leaders and, of course, kids. Today, we are inviting you to be part of this mission. 

Does stability, growth, and financial security in your ECE business really require sacrificing your life?

Yes, It’s not only possible to succeed as an ECE business owner, it’s also possible to THRIVE as one…it’s happening every single day.

Many entrepreneurs in the child care industry are finding success while maintaining a fulfilling personal life. They’re making substantial incomes, managing their businesses efficiently, and reclaiming their work-life balance. Imagine running a self-sustaining child care center that you adore, with more time for yourself and your family, free from constant work on evenings and weekends. It’s happening for many people working in this field, and they’re achieving this by fostering kindness, love, and collaboration in their approach.

You might not have crossed paths with them yet, but they’re out there, and they want to share their strategies with you. There’s a blueprint for creating a profitable child care business while living a life you genuinely enjoy.

Let’s connect so we can introduce you to this empowering approach and guide you towards achieving your goals without compromising your personal happiness.

Let These Real Life Transformations Inspire You To Action

Revitalizing a Center’s Culture: Shaping a Legacy of Strength and Unity in Staff Dynamics

From Struggling with Two Schools to Currently Thriving with an Empire of Eight

From Corporate Layoff to Triumph: Opened a Third Location and Ended the Year with 95% FTE

How She Doubled Her Enrollment in Just Three Months

Just One Conversation Has the Power to Transform Both Your ECE Business and Your Life




Kris Murray, President and Founder of The Child Care Success Company, is a leading child care business expert. In 2008, during an economic downturn, she developed a marketing system that doubled her first client’s enrollment by about 55 children in 11 months, giving birth to a tailored marketing toolkit for child care businesses.

Kris’s dedication extended through speaking engagements, media, and webinars, aiming to assist child care professionals with enrollment growth, revenue, staff management, and more. She advocates for fair compensation and a positive mindset for child care owners, to allow them to lead fulfilling, less stressful lives.

To date, through her work in the ECE industry, CCSC has accomplished their mission of positively impacting the lives of 1 million children.

Kris has written four highly-rated books and is the host of the popular ECE podcast, Child Care Rockstar Radio, which has 150+ episodes.  She also hosts the world’s largest Child Care Success Summit™ that is 100% dedicated to the business of child care.

The journey to change in your ECE business will begin with one heart-led conversation.

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