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One focused conversation can change your business forever. This may be it.

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Our caring and knowledgeable success coaches are standing by to help you solve the painful and difficult parts of your preschool business. 
Whether you need help in enrollment-building, cash flow, finding quality staff, delegation, or growth strategies, we can help. 
This coaching call is designed to help you map out the path that will help you reach your goals and make life easier.

Bonus Coaching Call

  • This coaching call is for non-academy members only. If you are a current member of the Child Care Success Academy, please contact your pod coach if you need help.

Coach Kris Murray and some of the coaching staff pictured together on the stage of the Child care Success Summit.

What You'll Get :

– A full 45 minute session via screen share or phone – a truly personal conversation designed to identify the gaps in how you run your early childhood business, and give you strategies and ideas to solve your issues.

– A glimpse of the process we use with our Child Care Success Academy members, to help them grow and sustain success over the long term.

​- Identification of the best next steps for you to take, so you leave with a clear roadmap of what to take action on.

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