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October 16-18, 2020 - Phoenix, AZ

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The World's Largest #1 Most Fun Conference Focused on the Business of Child Care

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Over 850 Preschool Owners and Leaders Paid Thousands of Dollars in Entry Fees, Travel Costs, and Time Out of the Office to Attend this Content-Packed Conference 3 Months Ago.

Now You Can Have Lifetime Digital Access to this Game-Changing Event for Under $500!

Hi there,

It’s Kris Murray here, founder of the Child Care Success Academy, the world’s largest business coaching program for early learning leaders. My company has helped literally thousands of early childhood owners and directors get fully enrolled with a waiting list, and operate much more successfully, with less headaches and stress.

I want to share a special offer with you. Keep reading if you want to find out how you can get a FREE TICKET to the 2020 Child Care Success Summit in Phoenix, Arizona – a $1297 Value. If you haven’t heard of this conference before, the Summit is the world’s largest business conference for early childhood programs. If you want to have the most profitable and successful early childhood business that you can, you MUST attend this conference.

So Here's The Problem

You’re trying to run a successful preschool business. You’ve got HUGE demands on your time. You need proven strategies and ideas to help you save time, delegate more, hire better and faster, market better, manage your financials and cash flow, deal with clients and motivate employees.

Where in the World Do You Turn for Help ?

If you’ve combed the resources available to child care owners and leaders about running a successful business, you know they are few and far between.

Most conferences, books and groups in our industry are 90% focused on curriculum, brain development, enrichment topics, nutrition, the food program and the like. Which is great, we need that too.
But what I’d like to offer you today is something far different. It’s a solution to your need for business strategies that work. I’m not only going to give you tools that will get you full with a waiting list and stay there, I’m going to help you manage all the other parts of your business too.
This event has been growing by leaps and bounds since it’s inception. My very first year we had just 14 in the audience. The next year it grew to 53. Last year we had over 850 in the audience. We even have attendees from all over the globe – at least 10 different countries were represented! I am so pleased and proud that I can have a life-changing impact on so many ECE Leaders. It’s probably the most important thing I’ve done in my career.

Here’s What People Had to Say About Attending the Child Care Success Summit

The Event of the Year for Child Care Business Owners

So, as you can see, the Summit is an incredibly motivational and transformational event, and chock full of nuts and bolts content for how to grow your early learning business.

No matter where you’re at in your journey, this transformational event can help you wherever you are struggling right now.

And that’s why I’m so excited today, because I’d like to give you a free ticket to the 2020 Child Care Success Summit plus other valuable training resources that add up to $2,985 in FREE STUFF!

Let Me Get Straight to the Point

I want you to be able to experience EVERYTHING that took place at the Child Care Success Summit just over 90 days ago. After all, if I’m going to give you a free ticket to the 2020 event, I want you to gain the knowledge, clarity and inspiration from last year’s event, so you’ll be even more motivated to actually attend.

The GOOD NEWS is that we’ve recorded everything from the conference and we put all 3 days of live training sessions from stage into an online training package. All the speakers, the celebrity keynotes, even the breakout sessions. Plus all the handouts, slides, and conference workbook.

Here’s the really exciting part. My team thinks I’m crazy, but I just need to get this recorded experience into the hands of as many child care centers and preschools as I possibly can. So, I’ve come up with an incredible deal for you that’s almost too good to be true.

I'm Slashing the Price on the Summit Recordings Package By Over 50%

That’s right! You’ll get the entire Summit Sessions ’19 digital recordings plus all the conference materials for HALF OFF. PLUS, I’m throwing in FIVE pretty awesome (ok, really awesome) bonus gifts to honor you for investing in yourself and in your business in 2020.

Don’t forget, you’ll get lifetime access to all the training, and you’ll get it all instantly, after your order is placed.

What People Say About Attenting The Summit

Here's Just a Tiny Spoonful of What You Will Learn
from the Summit Sessions '19 Recordings


My proven 5 step “Full Enrollment Formula” guaranteed to fill up your school to waiting list status


Examples of marketing pieces, sales funnels, websites, landing pages, and ads that will make your phone ring off the hook with calls from interested parents


How to set up an automated “hiring funnel” that will bring you all the qualified teacher candidates you need, while you sleep ​


New tools for automating 5-star online reviews and how to handle negative parent reviews with ease (so you can sleep at night)​


Financial management techniques so you can always cover payroll and never worry about money ​


How creating and using core values in your business can improve your workplace culture, improve your program quality, increase your enrollment numbers and pad your bottom line. ​


How to create a caring culture for your team, and why this matters


Moments of inspiration from other school owners who share exactly how they hire teachers who are a fit with their program, and specific strategies they use to empower their staff


How to stop getting stuck in your business and gain the freedom to work ON your business


What your annual staff turnover should be, and how to calculate it ​


How to shift your toxic employees OUT of being that way and into a positive set of behaviors


​Systems to add into your program to improve your personal and team productivity

And much more…

This is Really Just the Tip of the Iceberg of What was Covered During these 3 Days!

Don’t forget your company will have lifetime access to this incredible content so you can share it with future directors and other staff for the rest of your career.

Most people paid around $3000 to be there live. Between the entry ticket price, hotel, airfare, and ground transportation, it was a huge investment for many. But based on the reviews we got, it was extremely well worth it.

In fact, the return on investment for our attendees, was HUGE. It’s only been 3 months since the conference and many have already added at least 15-20 new children to their program.

I probably don’t have to do the math for you, but 20 new children equals around $200,000 in annual revenue to a typical preschool. Even at a 10% margin, that’s an additional $20,000 in your pocket. So, it was well worth the $3,000 to be there live.

And for those fortunate folks who were already full with a waiting list – what was their return on investment for attending?

They received countless benefits. They left with the knowledge and confidence to run their business better, protect themselves with stronger policies, use systems and automation to be more productive, hire and train staff more effectively, reduce stress and headaches, have happier staff and clients, the list goes on and on.

Let's Walk Through Exactly What You Are Going to Get with Summit Session '19

Those 5 Amazing Bonuses Are Worth $2,985

One Free Ticket to the 2020 Child Care Success Summit
$ 0
Our Hire Right Master Class with Tools & Resources
$ 0
How to Compete With Free Video Training
$ 0
Email Marketing Training Course with 16 Plug & Play Drip Campaign Templates
$ 0
A Private 45-minute Deep-Dive Coaching Call with a Child Care Success Coach
$ 0

These Bonuses Add Up to a Value of $2,985

Bringing the Total Value of this Package to $3,982

Now don’t worry, you won’t have to pay nearly that much. I love to “WOW” my clients by over delivering on value. Given the fact that you will be getting almost $4K worth of training materials, I would normally charge around $997 for this package.

But not this week.

I Am Slashing That Price In Half!

This week – ONLY until Jan 13th, you can get Summit Sessions ’19 with all of the bonuses for just $495.

To make it even easier for you, you can even split it up into easy monthly installments of just $189 for 3 months!

That’s a screaming deal, considering the value to of a ticket to the Child Care Success Summit is $1297 ON IT”S OWN! Not to mention all of the bonus training materials you’ll get, and the private Strategy Session with one of my coaches!

Also, I am backing this up with my one year 100% money back guarantee. (See Below). Get the entire recordings package, and take a whole year to consume it. If at any time, you don’t find the package worth the tiny investment you made, just call us or email us and we will give you an instant refund. Plus you get to keep the free Summit ticket and all the other bonuses. No questions asked. It’s that easy.

Check out the sessions listed below. You are going to have lifetime access to all of these amazing topics.

You’ll have lifetime access to these full-length workshops when you invest In the Summit Sessions 2019 Package here on this page. You can use these trainings to train your team, or watch them again and again to gain inspiration and instruction and work on different components of it as you grow in your business journey.

Grab Your Package Now!

** This Amazing Offer Closes In **

The Summit Sessions '19 Package Includes:

A $3,982 Value for only $495 !

or 3 easy payments of $189

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Here Are Just Some of the Workshops You'll Gain Access to
In The Summit Sessions 2019 Package

Kris Murray

Conference Host

“Decision Making & Leadership, Creating Hiring and Enrollment Funnels, The Full Enrollment Formula, Child Care Business Expansion, Digital Marketing Trends with Case Studies & Examples, Laser Coaching, Success Panel Interviews, and more…”

Ron Clark

Celebrity Keynote Speaker

“Unorthodox Methods to Help Underperformers to Excel.” Ron Clark Delivers an Inspirational Keynote Not to be Missed! Ron is the 2000 Disney American Teacher of the Year, a two times NYT Bestseling Author, and founder of the Ron Clark Academy

Brian Duprey

Keynote Speaker

“Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: Overcoming the Challenges in Your Business” – Brian Shares the Inspirational Story of His Near Death Experience on the Colorado River, and Applies it to Your Business Mindset


Ron McGuckin

Keynote Speaker

“Legal and Human Resources Industry Trends: Best Practices & Pitfalls to Avoid”

Sindye Alexander

Breakout Speaker

“Child Care Rockstar Hiring Secrets: How to Win the Hiring War in Today’s Tight Labor Market.”

Bruce Spurr

Breakout Speaker

“Rocket to #1 in Your Market Using Social Media”

Jennifer Conner

Breakout Speaker

“The 21 Day Manager Makeover: How to Use 3 Active Management Strategies to Improve Your Culture and Quality of Your Business Forever”

Tameenah Adams

Breakout Speaker

“Managing the Middle Manager: Become Hands-off in Your Center While Still Giving Support to Your Middle Management Team”

Troy Howard

Breakout Speaker

“The Value of Testimonials: 7 Strategies to Create Instant Trust with Parents”

Donna Jensen

Breakout Speaker

“Creating a Winning Onboarding Program: Make New Employees Feel Welcome from Day One!”

Jason Russel

Breakout Speaker

“Prepare, Prevent, & Protect: Preventing Security Breaches at Your School”

Amanda Armstrong

Breakout Speaker

“How to Use Technology to Retain Staff and Grow Your Business”

Jane Hulbert

Breakout Speaker

“Crisis 2.0: Hope is Not a Strategy – What Every School Should Know and Do Before, During and After a Crisis”

Sam Jockel

Breakout Speaker

“Parent, Child & Educator Wellbeing: Strategies for Supporting & Engaging Parents and Educators with Online Resources”

Ben Poswalk

Breakout Speaker

“The Magic of Metrics: How to Pick Up The Money You are Leaving on the Table”

If any of those titles spoke to you, you owe it to yourself to invest in this program for a very low price.

Remember, when you invest in Summit Sessions, you also get a free ticket to join us in Phoenix at the Child Care Success Summit 2020. PLUS 5 additional bonuses worth over $2,985! (See details below.)

Offer only good through Monday, Jan 13th at 11:59 PM (PST).

Then the recordings go back in the vault. This is the only time you can get this package all year.

AND it is the only time you can get a FREE TICKET to the Summit all year – this is the only time we offer it!

Listen, I’m really proud of this event and it was one of the best we’ve ever put together. By far! That’s why I’m going to all this trouble to get you to invest in it.

I really want you and your staff to have access to this life changing training for the rest of your career. I want you to have the same massive results, the same boost of inspiration and motivation, that the 850+ attendees had.

The only catch is ….this entire package plus the bonuses are available only until the countdown timer on this page says zero. When the countdown timer hits zero, this offer will never be made again. And the chance to get a free ticket to the Child Care Success Summit 2020 in Phoenix will never be offered again. So, I hope you will take me up on this slightly insane offer before it disappears!

Immediately after your order is placed, you’ll get instant lifetime access to the Summit Sessions ’19 package, via our online digital training area.

Grab Your Package Now!

** This Amazing Offer Closes In **

The Summit Sessions '19 Package Includes:

A $3,982 Value for Only $495 !

or 3 easy payments of $189

100% Secure Check Out

See What People Are Saying About The Child Care Success Summit

To Recap, Here's Everything You Get From This Offer

Total Package Value = $3,982

Regular Price for This Bundle = $997

Your Discount = over 50%

Your Price = $495 Only

What Are You Waiting For?

Are you passionate about growing your child care business? 

Do you want life-time access to all the content rich speakers and sessions from Summit ‘2019, the largest conference in the world dedicated to early-learning businesses? 

** This Amazing Offer Closes In **

100% Secure Check Out

P.S:  The only catch is…this entire package plus the bonuses are available only until the countdown timer on this page reaches zero. After that, this special offer goes away. So I hope you’ll take me up on this slightly insane offer before it disappears. I look forward to meeting you at the next Summit (with your free ticket in hand)!

Rock-Solid Guarantee

We are backing this up with our one-year 100% no-questions- asked guarantee. There is no risk to you. If at ANY time during the next year, you don’t find the package worth the tiny investment you made, just call us or email us and we’ll give you an instant refund. Either way, you get to keep the free gifts including the ticket to Summit '2019. No questions asked. It’s that easy.

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