Supporting Families with Integrity and Grit with Sarah Cudnik

Sarah Cudnik is the Executive Director and Owner of Kids’ Work in Chicago, with two very active and successful locations. Sarah shares her insight from growing up in an environment where child care was important, and what she learned from starting as a mother-daughter duo. She and Kris also discuss goal setting, creating a great work culture, and the key components of making a website look great. Sarah also discusses her goals to better understand her finances and the leaps and bounds she has made through mentorship and joining groups of like-minded individuals committed to success. 

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Kids’ Work has two locations in the North Center of Chicago and has room for 230 families between the two centers. They are a combination of play-based and academic and strive to see the child for who they are as a unique individual. Sarah’s mother started an in-home daycare when she was younger, so early childcare is in her bloodlines.

  • Sarah and her mother started with an in-home daycare themselves and quickly went from a waitlist of 12 to 100 families.

  • Not only does Sarah have a busy professional life but she is also the proud mother of two active boys, ages 12 and 13.

  • One unique thing about Kids’ Work is that they have plenty of play space in an urban environment. A few other strong suits that Sarah is very proud of include the amount of detail they put into their work and the way they naturally build rapport with the kids and families.

  • Kids’ Work worked with Grow Your Center to create a website that had beautiful photography, captivating copy that clearly explains their unique benefits, and a section dedicated to their core values.

  • Sarah and her team spent time getting clear on the words that surround their core values, and now the whole team is clear on how their actions every day are instrumental in staying in alignment.

  • The walls in preschool can be a great space to display fun and visually exciting imagery. For Kids’ Work, their core values are on the wall for all to see as they walk by.

  • Sarah’s late husband was extremely instrumental in setting up the business and making sure it consistently was financially sound. After his passing, Sarah knew she had to dedicate time and effort into learning for herself, before she handed the finances off to a bookkeeper.

  • To Sarah, a real child care rockstar is someone with integrity who does the right thing and gives their all in their unique way.

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