The 2019 Child Care Benchmark Report: Statistics and Industry Trends

The Child Care Success Company has partnered with HiMama to bring you the most comprehensive benchmark report in the child care industry. We are excited to announce it was just released.

You’ll want to download this report to find out if your child care center ahead or behind the curve compared to everyone else. You’ll also learn some key statistics and industry trends.

New for 2019

This year, for the first time ever HiMama is co-producing the Benchmark Survey with Kris Murray from the Child Care Success Company. This partnership has helped expand the reach and focus of the report to provide even more thorough and meaningful data that is critical for childcare providers to know.

In particular, extra attention was given towards staffing, including motivation techniques, turnover rates, salaries and staffing levels. With employee burnout being such a pervasive problem in the industry, it was important for the 2019 report to provide more insight on this issue to help understand how others are affected and where efforts should be placed moving forward.

Key Findings

Some of the main findings in the 2019 Benchmark Report include:

    • Centers have a median capacity of 80 children.
    • 48% of students enrolled are preschool age.
    • 57% of respondents have less staff employed than they need.
    • Customer satisfaction is the #1 ranked priority.

Download the full Benchmark Report to see more information including staff salaries, revenue, full priority lists, age group breakdowns and much more.

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HiMama created this report back in 2016, and now that they have joined forces with the Child Care Success Company, this 4th installment is the biggest yet. The 2019 edition had more respondents than ever before, getting answers for the biggest questions that childcare owners and directors have, including: 

    • What are others charging for tuition?
    • How much income are other centers making?
    • What are average labor expenses?
    • How much are others paying their staff?
    • What are their top priorities this year?
    • What are average occupancy rates?
    • How do others motivate and retain their staff?
    • And much more!

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