The 3 C’s of Leadership

A big thank you goes out to David Marquet who inspired me to visit the topic of Leadership. He wrote a book called “Turn The Ship Around! A True Story of Turning Followers into Leaders.” Many of his concepts are so relevant to the early childhood education world in terms of how great teams are built.

To empower your people to lead, you need to have the 3C’s in place to do so…
Control – Competence – Clarity

Control – Does your team feel like they have control to make decisions? Do they have the tools they need, including the mindset to make decisions on their own? Give them the control to do so. As a director or owner step back from micro-managing. Let them stumble or even fail to give them a sense of control.
Competence – Confidence and competence go hand in hand. These two qualities are necessary for control. Give your team the proper structure in which to feel competent & confident to do their work. Good training is the key.
Clarity – “A confused mind never acts”. People need clarity on a project, and even the “why” of a project, to feel empowered and to take control. When people feel fully supported and understood by their leader, they are better equipped to do their part of a incredible team.

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