The Beauty of Persistence

Welcome to our very first episode of Childcare Rockstar Radio! Your host is Kris Murray, President of Child Care Marketing Solutions and founder and leader of the Childcare Success Academy. The Academy is the world’s largest and most comprehensive business coaching program for early childhood entrepreneurs and leaders. We kick off the first episode and lay a foundation to talk about the importance of persistence in both professional and personal paths to success. Each week we invite you to join us for an interview with child care leaders and experts that inspire us and shine a spotlight on these unsung heroes in our community. We will be featuring practitioners, owners, and directors, those who provide cutting edge tools and services to our industry and innovators. We are so happy you are joining us on Episode 1 and welcome your personal stories of a time that you persisted against all odds!

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • This podcast is a great way for Kris to blend her love of radio with her love of coaching and teaching on a personal level. The reason why she started this podcast is that she wanted a new media and format to share the stories of people doing great things in the childcare industry.
  • Kris has two children, ages 15 and 12. She recently moved to Carbondale, Colorado, and loves all the beauty surrounding her environments.
  • We dive into the idea that success is not linear. Any owner or leader should prepare to experience extreme highs and lows. Two challenges child-care practitioners face in current times include getting proper funding and setting parents’ expectations.
  • The meetups for the Child Care Success Academy have been very successful so far and the group is growing with members and leadership. Meetups provide platinum, platinum plus, and gold members a mastermind to share what has and has not worked.
  • Kris gives great examples of what it means to persist in the face of a challenge. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett both named persistence as the most important quality to possess in order to be successful.
  • Kris mentions ways and examples people can protect themselves while serving best the people close to you in your life.
  • Kris journals out her thoughts and emotions, and she finds it shifts her mindset to one of gratitude and awareness.
  • The Four Circles of Success: marketing, team, systems, and mindset.

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