Are You Ready to Make Your Dream of Owning a Thriving Brick and Mortar Child Care Center a Reality?

Now, We Can Help You With That. Introducing Our Groundbreaking Course Tailored for Home Daycare Owners and Child Care Start-Ups

If you’re eager to open a brick-and-mortar child care center or you’ve just begun the process to, that means you’re full of anxieties that keep you up at night.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been running a successful home-based center for years, this is a path full of unknowns, especially in today’s quickly evolving world. You stay awake late into the night, barely able to keep your eyes open as you scan pages and pages of licensing regulations that you barely understand. You’ve tried writing job descriptions, but you give up halfway through every time. You’ve never hired employees before. How can you be sure you’re getting the right people? The wrong ones could drive your center straight into the ground.

At the very foundational level, we live in a rough economy that’s constantly bouncing back and forth. What will your family and friends say if you can’t get the funding, or if your business is a financial failure?

These fears are what keep you from taking those first steps, and they’re what make you put your dreams on hold.

Today is the day that ends. We’re here to help.

For over ten years here at the Child Care Success Company, we’ve been helping ECE business leaders of various levels find financial success, hire great staff, build an incredible company culture, hit their enrollment goals, and build their empires through personalized coaching and a tribe of like-minded child care professionals.

Now, we want to expand that same level of excellence and professionalism to people like you who are just starting out in your first brick-and-mortar center. For the first time ever, we are offering the Child Care Center Launch Toolkit just for you.

This course will help you tackle those pesky financials, understand licensing regulations, grow your enrollment list, hire amazing staff, put a marketing plan together (one that will actually work the first time), and face those unknowns with confidence.

We are here to answer EVERY SINGLE question, and to help you build a community of support and guidance full of other ECE owners just like you.

Do You Get Overwhelmed By Thinking of Any of the Following?

Unlock the secrets to growing your child care business with confidence. While your expertise in caring for children is undeniable, the journey of opening your own center has unveiled the gaps in your knowledge. Fear not, for our course is an invaluable treasure trove of information, examples, and wisdom from the most seasoned leaders in the child care industry. Our team of diverse coaches brings forth real-life experiences and over a decade of proven strategies and practices.

We understand the hesitation that comes with leaping into the unknown. That’s why we’re here to shoulder the hard work on your behalf. We provide you with every tool necessary to successfully launch your center, learning from our own mistakes and ensuring you get it right from the very start.

No longer will you have to wonder where you’ll land. Let us pave the way and empower you on this transformative journey.

PLUS, When You Enroll You Will Be Instantly Gifted $1,782 in Bonus Gifts

Discover the roadmap for successful site selection! Join Kris Murray in a pre-recorded webinar to master site selection! Ideal for new center owners and expansions, uncover three site selection mistakes to avoid, weigh take-over deals versus buying or leasing spaces, and gain networking tips. Learn to negotiate property deals and master four marketing strategies for attracting parents. Don’t miss this invaluable advice!

$197 Value

Optimize your hiring process and build a talented team that will take your child care business to new heights! We will guide you through creating an effective hiring funnel tailored to the unique needs of the child care industry. Learn how to attract top talent, streamline your screening and interview process, and make data-driven hiring decisions. Walk away with a clear understanding of how to build a strong pipeline of qualified candidates and hire the best fit for your center.

$197 Value

In this training, discover how to handle crisis situations effectively with security expert Jason Russell from Secure Education Consultants. Learn what to do, say, and how to communicate with clients and the public during a crisis. Jason will differentiate between crises and emergencies, identify assets and threats to your school, guide you on essential documentation collection, and walk you through 6 critical factors to consider in such situations.

$297 Value

Gain access to recorded sessions that were specifically tailored to address crucial topics for child care start-up owners. These recorded sessions bring together a community of like-minded individuals, sharing their experiences and offering practical solutions to common hurdles. Immerse yourself in this wealth of knowledge, empowering you to make informed decisions and set your child care business on a path to success.

$597 Value

Eliminate. Delegate. Automate. These are your three choices when faced with too much to do, and too little time. During this training, Kris Murray will walk you through her step-by-step guide for how to tackle your to-do list while reducing stress and overwhelm in your life as a school director or owner. You’ll learn how to approach your business with a “systems mindset” and how to be a more productive leader in any ECE environment.

$197 Value

Join Kris Murray for this one-hour workshop and discover a practical strategy to add six figures to your program, gain fresh ideas for enrollment growth, and learn Kris’s proven formula for optimizing your rate sheet. Develop your team, retain more families, and improve financial management. This is an opportunity to learn from real case studies and best practices.

$297 Value

Is the course an investment? Absolutely, it is. But let’s consider the potential return.

Imagine if you are able to create a successful child care business and generate a waitlist with a staff of A-player teachers that are helping drive your mission and business forward? Now, compare that to the cost of The Launch Toolkit – you’ll realize it’s pennies on the dollar of your revenue will be once you get your center off the ground and running.

This investment is only a fraction of what one full-time enrollment is worth (two most, only 2 months tuition of one enrolled child). 

Isn’t it worth it? While you can launch your center on your own, the risk of failure looms larger. We’re here to erase that risk entirely. With our proven track record of success for hundreds of others, we are confident in helping you achieve your goals.

Let’s get into some details.

The Child Care Center Launch Toolkit is divided into 13 modules that will cover everything from developing your school’s purpose and values to market analysis, site selection, licensing, funding sources, policies, a marketing plan, hiring, leadership, parent communication, and so much more. Let’s take a closer look at each module:

MODULE 1: Purpose and Values

Crafting your personal and professional purpose involves considering various aspects and defining your Core Values before sharing it with others.

MODULE 2: Market Analysis and Site Selection

Market research includes site evaluation and selection to identify the optimal location for your business.

MODULE 3: Licensing and Regulations

Discover the profound “why” behind licensing as you navigate the process from the ground up, including licensing inspections and investigations.

MODULE 4: Financials 101

Learn to manage cash flow effectively by setting up budgets for building, program, and staffing, while also considering occupancy and setting appropriate tuition prices.

MODULE 5: Business Plans and Funding Sources

Get a comprehensive overview of the business plan, including marketing strategies, financial projections, and tips for presenting compelling investor pitches.

MODULE 6: Policies, Handbooks, and Compliance

Recognize the significance of policies and learn to develop family, employee, procedure, and training handbooks to ensure compliance and adherence.

MODULE 7: Pre-Opening Marketing Plan

Get ready with the right preparation and mindset, conducting a competitive analysis to identify your unique selling points, and aligning your marketing assets and budget for success.

MODULE 8: Phone Skills

Master phone skills by understanding the importance of answering calls, determining who will handle them, learning how to answer effectively, and knowing what to say to make a positive impression.

MODULE 9: Tour Script

Create lasting impressions by excelling in first greetings, engaging in pre-tour conversations, conducting impressive tours, and concluding with effective follow-ups.

MODULE 10: Hiring A+ Players

Define your A+ player, master the process from job advertising to interviews, ensure successful onboarding, and cultivate a positive staff culture for long-term success.

MODULE 11: Leadership 101

Explore the qualities of a good leader, different leadership styles, and the unique aspects of leadership in the child care industry.

MODULE 12: Parent Communication and Service Standards

Elevate your school with exemplary parent communication and service standards, instilling a sense of pride, retaining both staff and parents, and implementing effective communication strategies.

MODULE 13: Top 10 Personal Success Habits

Achieve greatness as a business owner with the top 10 personal success habits that propel you forward, empowering you to live your best life, increase productivity, and attain lasting success.

There’s a future where you step away from your dream of owning a brick-and-mortar center because the stakes are too high, the risks are too huge, and your fears overtake you.

There’s also a future where you jump in with both feet and stick a solid landing. You’re financially successful, hire great staff, fill your school, communicate with parents, put an amazing marketing plan in place, and are able to change the lives of kids in your community in a REAL way.

The Child Care Center Launch Toolkit is the way to make that second dream a reality. We’ve looked around, and no one else in the industry is offering anything like it right now, especially not with the depth of knowledge our coaches can offer and the unique grow-together model offered in our live cohort. 

Let’s make your center a success.