The Circle of Partnership with Charlie Marcotty and Marcy Lee

Charlie Marcotty and Marcy Lee, co-owners of the First Circle Learning Center in Lexington, Mass, join the show today to discuss the key lessons they have learned from over 21 years in early childhood expertise. They bring the excitement, enthusiasm, and partnership in everything they do, and have gone from a school with artificial plants hanging from the ceiling to a school with full enrollment and a waitlist. Today, they talk about filling a gap of adding more education and administration to the child care aspect, how they divide and conquer in their partnership, and the action items and goals they prioritize the highest.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Charlie and Marcy first started working together at a non-profit and loved working together so much they wanted to explore other options that had both social impact and flexibility. A neighbor mentioned her child care center was for sale, and although they both thought it was a joke at first, they seriously thought on the idea and it opened up a whole new world.
  • Their expertise was in administration and it took them close to 10 years to feel their culture, materials, team, and structure fall in place.
  • One learning lesson: network and look outside yourself for help while you are building a program. You never know where and when you may find support.
  • Charlie and Marcy take pride in the great relationship with their staff and have made it through tough financial times through the support of their staff.
  • Despite their different backgrounds, Charlie and Marcy have shared values and work ethic and their partnership is so strong they even have a celebrity name: Charcy.
  • As an actress and improviser, Marcy can speak on the spot about difficult and emotional topics. Charlie is always looking to see what needs to be done to keep the business organized and on track.
  • Charlie and Marcy share their journey into joining Child Care Success Academy and how finding a coach and support group helped them develop a tribe of like-minded and successful individuals.
  • Their perspective is that where they are now is a stepping stone for more, and they are actively working on closing in locations for future space(s).
  • Charlie’s and Marcy’s goal of making sure things get done right, from the smallest detail to a large implementation, are expected of everyone on the team. They also have been prioritizing and effectively accomplishing their goals and turning thoughts and ideas into action.
  • Growth takes time, especially for teachers. Charlie and Marcy find success when they implement changes at a slow and structured pace.
  • A child care rockstar is someone who is making use of all the resources that are available. They are open and receptive to change and growth, and even the idea that they may not have all the answers.

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