The Five Guardians of Life with Mecca Johnson

Mecca Johnson is an incredible and heartfelt speaker, trainer, and founder of the professional development consulting company My Joy Speaks. Her long and very successful career in early childhood education with Primrose Schools plus corporate experience led her to develop The Five Guardians of Life, which she shares in this week’s episode. Mecca and Kris also talk about finding gratitude in times of stress, why a healthy body matters to a positive mindset, and a few of their favorite resources for sharpening your leadership skills.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • [13:50] Mecca shares a key area that professionals in the early education industry need more training in, and how that discovery led her to begin training educators and directors to fill this void.

  • [14:05] Mecca discusses the professional and personal gains she got from working with Primrose Schools for 19 years and from her mentor Dr. Mary Zurn.

  • [18:03] Kris and Mecca are both Maxwell Certified, and they discuss the significant positive impact that obtaining that certification has had on their leadership today. 

  • [18:33] Mecca’s gets personal for a minute and shares that even though this pandemic has provided major set backs for everyone that there are mother is the wittiest and sharpest 97-year-old you will meet. Taking care of her has been a blessing for Mecca, showing her true compassion and patience. Although this pandemic has provided major setbacks for just about everyone, spending more time with her mother has been a blessing.

  • [22:27] Mecca provides insight and advice on why you need to consistently show respect an gratitude towards the cook in your school – no one realizes/remembers how truly grateful they are for them until they’re gone! 

  • [26:38] We need to have just as much respect and dedication to customer service for the teachers as we ask them to have for the parents.

  • [30:47] Tough love doesn’t always mean doing exactly what the people around us want. It means doing what will be best for them in the long run.

  • [33:28] Mecca shares the Five Guardians of Life that she has developed from her extensive experience developing and training top directors.

  • [48:05] Mecca and Kris discuss the wonders that consistently writing in a gratitude journal can have on your mindset.

  • [59.51] Mecca shares how you can reach out directly to her for more information.

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