The Fortune is in the Follow-Up with Chuck Gibbs

Kris is joined by very special guest, friend, skiing buddy, and founder of ChildCare CRM software, Chuck Gibbs. Kris and Chuck have much in common. They both started their businesses around early 2010 and are here eight years later, still great friends with a love for Colorado, working hand-in-hand on impacting the childcare industry and helping others toward their goals and dreams. In this episode, they do a deep dive on what you should be measuring in your business, some game-changing resources you can apply to your business, case studies and success stories on CRM, the specifics of how business owners can utilize ChildCare CRM to provide clarity around the enrollment funnel, as well as the use of automation so one can be enrolling people as they sleep or are on vacation!

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Now ChildCare CRM has the niche of providing the best software to improve enrollment and retention within childcare centers. Chuck’s software is now in over 2,500 schools in multiple countries, so he also shares an interesting take on childcare between countries and how his vision for his own business has grown and changed over time. He has started 19 companies, so he has some great and sound advice on challenges as an entrepreneur at every level.
  • When Chuck first started, he reached out to over 100 different centers, and visited many of them personally. Only 37% of the time did they take his contact information and then only 20% of the time did he get followed up with.
  • Chuck speaks on how the original passion and dedication for changing the world and making a deep impact has stayed the same, but their goal has changed. At first, it was to improve communication and build a business that was a lifestyle business. Once he reached that goal he expanded his vision to impact more globally.
  • Both Kris and Chuck find being in a mastermind group with other entrepreneurs crucial to self-development personally and professionally.
  • Chuck shares some of his travel experiences as they relate to the childcare industry. He is surprised at how similar the experiences are. He cites New Zealand and Australia as having some of the most child-centered curricula. One of the key differences, however, is the tolerance for risk in the play areas.
  • Finding great people, knowing your metrics, focus, and perseverance are some of the top factors of success that Chuck has learned along the way.
  • Exciting new announcement! Kris has decided to bring back the Enrollment Bootcamp Challenge live training. It’s a five-week course that is the bread and butter of what she teaches and will be updated in 2018. More information on Enrollment Bootcamp.

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