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Child Care and Preschool Owners

We know you have the MOST stressful job in the company! Being a center owner can be pretty lonely, but you are on a mission to make a difference for children! You need a team to help you do that, but sometimes you need a little bit of extra help and support keeping them motivated and positive. This book was written to help you do just that! Giving this gift to your team members will improve their mindset and motivation, you can even make it a part of your orientation process, or do a book study as part of your regular staff meetings.

Directors & Assistant Directors

Congratulations, You have one of the most important positions in the company and are trusted with a HUGE responsibility. It’s a dynamic, ever changing, involved job. It is up to you to carry out the owner’s vision, ensure the children receive quality care and education, keep a positive workplace atmosphere, and handle all the business “stuff.”  You want to do your absolute best, however, we know – in our work with owners and directors in the field – that MANY of you lack leadership training and struggle with getting your team to follow you. This book will not only help YOU with your own mindset, but will help your employees with theirs!

Teachers & Caregivers

These are the people that are working directly with the children day in and day out. They are the backbone of the child care industry, without them you couldn’t run your business. This book was written SPECIFICALLY WITH TEACHERS and TEAM MEMBERS in mind! Many teachers struggle with issues like self-image, self-care, positive mindset, relationships, addiction, personal finances, work ethic, and more. This book was created to be used as a tool to help your team become refreshed and recharged! 

Support Staff


EVERY PERSON on your team contributes to the mission of your program! Without a cook, the children would go hungry, Without the maintenance person the lights may not shine. Each support person has a vital role in running an effective center and is an equally important part of the team! This book will help any person on your team start thinking more positively, be more motivated, and improve their mindset and leadership skills.

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