The Journey of a Child Care Rockstar – Leann Chamberlain

Creating amazing, “Rockstar” business owners is one way we accomplish our mission of impacting the child care industry! Child Care Rockstars are ordinary people with a passion and a drive to change the world by improving their early childhood businesses. Each year at the Child Care Success Summit, our members enter for a chance to win the official title of “Child Care Rockstar.” Contestants get 10 minutes on stage to share the results they’ve experienced since implementing strategies they’ve learned from Kris Murray and the Child Care Success Academy. This year’s contest was a close call, but our audience voted and chose Leann Chamberlain as our winner!

Leann shared her emotion packed story of how she was struggling to enroll even a dozen students in her school licensed for 101 children to how she doubled her enrollment in just 5 months. Through working with her coach and implementing what she has learned, she has now tripled it and continues to grow.

We asked Leann to share her story here, so the world can be inspired by her amazing results:

I have been the Owner and Director of Brighton Montessori School since May of 2016 when I purchased the closed school. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I knew I wanted a change and I wanted to use my Montessori credentials as well as my Masters in School Administration.  My husband already was running his family business, so I figured with his business background and my teaching background we would have no problem getting a school up and running.   I was wrong!

The school had been closed for the previous 2 years. I opened my doors in September 2016 with 11 students.  I missed the big enrollment push and had no idea about marketing or a budget for it, which were two big factors that I was up against.  I struggled my first year in gaining momentum in enrollment.  Every time I enrolled a family another one was telling me they are relocating out of the area.   After being open for a year, I found Kris Murray and began doing research on her.  My husband and I took the rest of our money and went to the Summit in Chicago. I was blown away by all the information we were getting and the networking we did with academy members, attendees who were owners and directors. I knew we had found what we were looking for. For me, I was so glad to know that I was not alone and that so many people also, at one point or another, struggled with their business just like I was struggling.

We joined the Child Care Success Academy and began using all the techniques we learned from the summit, I read Kris’s books, networking with my coach Ben, and putting the enrollment boot camp techniques to use.  I doubled my enrollment in 5 months.  I grew from 19 kids to 40 kids and have since tripled my enrollment.  When I started last year, I was working in my business and wore all the hats.  Today, I am solely Administrating and my goal for this coming year is to continue to grow to get an assistant. 

My husband and I have learned so much from being academy members.  Each time we go to the Academy live mastermind meetings, we come back with so much to implement to help make our school and business stronger.  If it wasn’t for finding Kris Murray and the Childcare Marketing Solutions team, I would not have been able to get working on my business as quickly as I did.  I remember my first year open and crying all the time because I felt like I was spinning my wheels and was giving everything I had to my business and putting my family aside.  Through learning how to make the connection on the phone, to asking for enrollment the day of the tour, continually following up with CRM and establishing our core values and holding my staff accountable, as well as myself to them, the difference in my business is HUGE. 

A year ago, I would have never envisioned where I would be today and it truly has surpassed anything I would have thought of. Heading to Chicago was the BEST business decision my husband and I have ever made, and we look forward to finding more FREEDOM this year in the Child Care Success Academy.

Being voted Child Care Rockstar means Leann won an amazing prize package.

Sure, Leann has earned the prestige of being our 2018 Child Care Rockstar. But she also gets so much more, including plenty of PR, since she’ll be featured as guest on Kris Murray’s popular podcast, Child Care Rockstar Radio. She also won:

  • $2,500 Cash
  • A private VIP coaching day at Kris’s home office, where she will focus all her energies and tools on personally improving your business (a $10,000 value)
  • Airfare to and from Aspen/Snowmass, CO
  • Two nights’ accommodations in Snowmass Village, CO
  • At the end of the coaching day, Kris will take you out for dinner at one of our award winning restaurants in town.

If you’d like to compete to win the title of Child Care Rockstar next year, start implementing and tracking your results from working with our team NOW! Contest entries will be accepted sometime next September! Stay posted for details.

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