The Perfect Recipe for Collecting 5-Star Reviews in Your Child Care Business

We are constantly preaching the importance of collecting reviews and testimonials for your school, and even more so during the pandemic crisis that we are still overcoming. Why? Because according to BIA/Kelsey, 97% of people read online reviews for local businesses, and 91% of millennial parents out there trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations. And with significantly heightened health and safety concerns for their children right now, parents are more cautious than ever before about testing out new relationships with unproven brands. 

So, what is the secret key to collecting amazing 5-star reviews and testimonials from your families? ASKING them to provide one! Trust me, simply asking your families to do this will work. 

But, to kick your reviews up a notch and collect some out of this world ones, wait to ask your families to provide you with one until the time is just right – like when they’re filled with warm, fuzzy feelings when they’re paying you a compliment for going above and beyond their expectations or when they’re having a good time at an event. 

How do I know that asking during those times creates the perfect recipe for a great review? Because this is exactly the same tactic that Kris Murray used during last year’s virtual Child Care Reimagined Summit. Attendees were wow’d with an awesome swag box mailed to them, blown away by amazing and inspiring sessions, got some good laughs in, had a few mind blowing Aha moments and then… right when you were at a peak of positive energy and good videos… Kris asked the attendees if they would be willing to provide a review of the awesome time that they were having. And it worked!! 

During our virtual summit, after Kris asked attendees live from stage to provide the Child Care Success Company with a review, over the remainder of the event we received….

    • 20 NEW 5-star Google reviews
    • 63 NEW 5-star SoTellUs reviews
    • 2 NEW 5-star Facebook reviews
    • 140+ collective Facebook comments in our event Facebook group, private Child Care Success Academy level groups, and business page that we can use as testimonials for advertising future events. 

And she didn’t have to do anything special to get you to do it, she simply asked you when she felt like the timing was just right. Events are always golden opportunities to ask your families for reviews/testimonials, so make sure to always take advantage of them by having a plan in place to collect them during it. 

It might be intimidating at first to ask families for reviews on the spot, but once you rip the bandaid off and start regularly getting in the habit of doing so it won’t feel so awkward. And, you’ll quickly become encouraged to continue to stay on top of asking for reviews once you see how many parents are actually willing to provide one – according to BrightLocal, 63% of consumers will leave a review when asked.

Now, if there is a time when you’re looking to collect a handful of 5-star reviews quickly, in those instances we suggest holding a Review Raffle and enticing families to leave a review by entering those that do into a raffle drawing for a prize. Advertise the Review Raffle in your lobby, on your parent communication app, and in send-home flyers. Set the dates (2-4 week window of time), the prize (dinner and a movie date, spa day, family zoo passes – something that excites them a little but more than just money off of tuition), and watch the reviews flow in!

Not only will families searching for care be amazed by your plethora of amazing reviews/testimonials, but you will also have an abundance of winning marketing opportunities/ideas because of them. 

This past month, Kris held a review raffle for Child Care Rockstar Radio. The entry period was open for three weeks, and during those three weeks, each person that left a review for Child Care Rockstar Radio on Apple Podcasts was entered to win 1 of 3 prizes. The prizes weren’t our ordinary giveaways – which include discounted and free courses, free books from the Kris Murray Library, and Summit tickets.

Instead, Kris did some outside-the-box thinking in selecting the prizes offered and offered “fun” prizes that our audience doesn’t necessarily need but instead wants and are things that they wouldn’t necessarily go out and buy for themselves.

So were offered? Kris offered third through first-place prizes – a $200 digital Amazon gift card, an Omaha Steaks and Empathy wine bundle, and a choice of an iPad or Chromebook. And her outside-box prize approach worked because over the course of three weeks Child Care Rockstar Radio received 25 5-star reviews on Apple Podcasts! And the even crazier part is that not once did Kris state that the review left was required to be a 5-star review to qualify for an entry into the prize raffle… the rule of reciprocity simply was at play.

Dress them up, brand them, and share them wherever and whenever you can! Some places to include them are…

    • Hiring Ads
    • Website
    • Social Media Posts
    • Social Media Ads
    • Brochures
    • Open House Flyers

You’ve been working hard for months to do everything that you can to make parents happy and confident in their choice of care, so now is the time to us the rule of reciprocity to your advantage and ask those grateful parents to share with the community what an amazing job you’ve been doing through a review!

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