The Power of Being A Book Author with Mike Capuzzi

Today’s episode will get you all “shook” up! It is all about the power of becoming a published author. Becoming an author is one of the three things that has changed my life the most. I wrote my first book, The Ultimate Childcare Marketing Guide, in 2012 and it has opened so many doors and propelled my career in numerous ways. My guest today, Mike Capuzzi, is a seasoned business owner turned author turned expert marketing strategist. He specializes in helping people of all industries around the world write books, particularly his trademark “shooks.” We talk all about creating the content, marketing your book, and leveraging your expertise. Even if you don’t want to become an author, this episode is full of useful tips for direct response marketing vs. branded marketing, selling by helping, becoming an elevated influencer in your industry, and other tools to get your name and business out there.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode: 

  • [:52] Kris shares her story of becoming and author and how it has changed her life.

  • [13:14] Mike shares his background and how he became professionally involved in the child care industry after meeting Kris.

  • [14:43] Mike shares what a direct response ad is.

  • [17:20] Kris asks Mike to share what exactly a “shook™” is and more about his business Bite Sized Books

  • [21:12] Mike shares the benefits of ECE owners and leaders authoring a shook™, and what other industries he has seem them provide great success for.

  • [22:57] Kris and Mike discuss the true power that books hold.

  • [25:07] Mike talks about one of Bite Sized Books newest shooks they have produced, Choosing a Child Care Center.

  • [28:06] Kris shares what some of the main ways are that Child Care Success Academy members have been utilizing the shook Choosing a Child Care Center

  • [34:18] Mike provides insights on the average timeline it would take for an ECE owner that is interested in authoring a shook™ to have copies of their authored shook™ book in their hands.

  • Mike provides his contact information and website.

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