The Real Deal on Eliminating Overwhelm From Your Life with Tanya Dalton

Kris welcomes nationally recognized productivity expert, Founder & CEO of inkWELL Press Productivity Co., bestselling author, speaker, and growth strategist, Tanya Dalton, this week. Tanya talks about a few of her most successful habits and hacks for getting out of overwhelm and harnessing your energy in a way that makes you productive, efficient, and refreshed. Tanya first talks about why so many of us are overwhelmed in both our professional and personal life, the beauty of boundaries, and more about the inspiration behind her first book, The Joy of Missing Out, and her new book On Purpose. Tanya and Kris also discuss how to not apologize for letting go of things that no longer serve you, following your unique vision, and why she decided to take a break from social media along with what she has gained from the experience.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode: 

  • [10:31] Tanya started her entrepreneurial journey back in 2008 and shares the conversation she had with her husband on an old-school wall phone that changed everything. She went from a stay-at-home mom with $50 to invest in a business to grow to seven figures in 18 months.

  • [14:02] It’s important first to believe in yourself and your mission before you expect anyone else to.

    [16:10] As Tanya scaled and grew, she integrated a lot of the productivity principles into the business that she teaches today

  • [18:41] It’s choosing not to do all the things and narrow in to focus on the end goal, the vision, and the purpose behind your business

  • [19:29] Tanya discusses setting strong boundaries and how she focuses her energy on home and work at the appropriate times, without letting the two blend together as much as possible.

  • [22:08] Tanya tells us about JOMO — the JOY of missing out rather than the fear!

  • [31:29] Why did Tanya decide to go off social media on Jan 1? What has her experience been like?

  • [35:30] Tanya talks about the Pareto principle, which is the idea that small effort creates big results.

  • [40:34] If you feel stuck, just 15 minutes in action can create momentum. Take quick action on something you can do right at that moment, no matter how small it seems.

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