The Real Truth About Boss Mode with Bruce Spurr

Kris welcomes friend and Grow Your Center partner Bruce Spurr back to the show. They first talk about how they got to be co-founders and work partners, and the recent developments of Grow Your Center. Then, they jump into the topic of “boss mode”: what it really means to be in boss mode, and how to tell if you are in hustle or grind mode instead. Bruce and Kris share some practical tips for getting out of working tirelessly in your business and how to become a data-driven business so you are making the most of your time, energy, and money. At the end of the episode, Kris shares how you can join her and Bruce’s Boss Mode Book Club and level up within an active and successful community.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:  

  •  [4:36] You can now ask Kris questions and join the podcast community!

  • [13:24] Bruce gives more details about Grow Your Center and who the target client is and shares how they can help you leverage and optimize your CRM software.

  • [17:21] Bruce defines “boss mode” and how we can work on our business instead of in it.

  • [19:02] Kris and Bruce discuss how to gauge if you are moving towards “boss mode”, already there, or far away from it, using the hours of your work week.

  • [21:39] Kris shares how her puppy training class be a good example of doing the hard work upfront so that you can reap the benefits later.

  • [23:23] The faster you can get from fear to curiosity, the faster people succeed and flourish in their life.

  • [27:45] Kris and Bruce discuss how important it is to consistently look at your data so you can make data-driven decisions for your business.

  • [28:40] Both Kris and Bruce share what they believe are some behaviors that boss-mode people exemplify.

  • Bruce shares how important a return on investment and time is when playing in boss mode

  • [39:31] Kris and Bruce explain why you don’t have fear technology and let it hold you back from making data-driven decisions, you can always hire it out

  • [53:45] Learn about how what Boss Mode Book Club is and how you can be a part of it with Kris and Bruce!

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