The Secret of Being Happy Every Day with Marshall Goldsmith

I am thrilled to welcome world-renowned coach and author Marshall Goldsmith for a fun conversation on learning to accept feedback, balancing achievement and aspirations, and the fact that we all need help. Marshall talks about his new book, The Earned LifeLose Regret, Choose Fulfillment, and the reasons he sees people forgetting to be happy. Marshall gives a few practical and easy tips to get you out of the constant achievement mindset and into one of appreciation and joy. He and I also discuss how great leaders aren’t afraid to do any of the jobs around them. Tune in for a super great chat, as we learn from the man coaching many of the top leaders and executives today.  

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode: 

  • [4:48] Most humans get stuck in a level of just living from day to day and being reactive instead of being intentional.

  • [5:08] When we are solely focused on achievement, we can forget to enjoy the day-to-day process of living. Marshall talks about working with top executives and leaders who have the accomplishment part down but are learning to enjoy the present moment every day.

  • [8:19] It’s hard to not get addicted to achievement. While it’s great to achieve for the sake of achieving, it’s important not to confuse it with happiness.

  • [11:29] Marshall shares one of the top reasons that people are not happy. 

  • [13:03] Everyone needs help, and that’s okay. Marshall discusses how even the top athletes and top performers need a coach, including him.

  • [15:21] Marshall reminds us to not worry so much, and not to get so fixated on the outcome of things that we enjoy the journey.

  • [17:04] Don’t wait and don’t hesitate!

  • [20:36] Marshall talks about adopting 15 people and teaching them all he knows, for zero cost. The expectation is that they move it forward and help someone else.

  • [23:43] Great leaders walk the talk and are willing to do any job in their organization. Marshall shares a great story about Frances Hesselbein.

  • [24:36] You have to have the courage to get the necessary feedback that will help you grow.

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