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Busy Child Care Program Owners & Directors

If You Want to Automate Your Marketing Success, Fill All the Openings in Your School, and
Stand Out in Your Community,
Then You Need to Read this
Letter in Its Entirety...

This A Complete Done-For-You "Set it and forget it" System

From the desk of Kris Murray

Dear Friend,

For many parents, choosing the right childcare or preschool is a huge, daunting, even stressful decision-making process. It takes time – usually weeks or months – to visit several preschools, look at all the options, and make the right decision.

In fact, most marketing experts will tell you that it takes a minimum of SEVEN “touches” with your prospect before they will do business you.

Your clients, in particular, are making a very important and intimate buying decision when they choose YOU to care for their children. They want to choose someone they feel like they already KNOW, LIKE and TRUST.

Here’s The Big Problem:

A minimum of seven touches is a lot of follow up. It takes time, and it’s often the last thing that directors or child care staff want to do. They don’t want to be seen as “stalking” the potential clients, or bugging parents by calling them.

As a result, most child care centers do little if any follow up after the tour, or in between the time of the initial call and the scheduled tour. This leads to tour no- shows, and low conversion rates of tours to enrollments.

And it leaves parents wondering if a school really wants to earn their business, or even doubting if the program is reliable and trustworthy.

So…how can you get your prospects to know you, like you and trust you before they ever even meet you? You need a way to put your face in front of them regularly, a way to communicate to them your knowledge and expertise in all things early childhood, and a way to let them know you WANT their business.

Luckily, There Is an Easy Solution

The solution is to use automated marketing systems to regularly send out little high-value “touches” to prospects, so your program can build a solid relationship based on trust, with parents in your community.

Perhaps the best and easiest marketing system to solve this problem is email. Email is the number one method of communication in our society today, and it allows you to easily build trust, connection, and value with your prospects and clients.

The really cool thing about email is – you can “set it and forget it.” You can literally set up a follow-up campaign once, and put it on auto-pilot. This asset for any business is huge, and it helps you gain enrollments and revenue while you sleep.

You Could Do This Yourself…But…

Let’s face it, there are many hurdles that most child care owners
or leaders face when trying to create
effective marketing campaigns:

If This Rings True for You, I’ve Got Really Good News
My team and I here at The Child Care Success Company have developed a series of emails that can be set up on a “set it and forget it” auto-responder system to help you with your prospect follow up. This is a done-for-you email system that is perfect for ANY daycare center or preschool to swipe and deploy.

Listen, we know that first Impressions matter! We want to help your child care center put its best face forward with its current email campaigns. We want you to experience the amazing feeling it is to have a gorgeous, professionally designed email campaign representing your brand

Real Results For People Just Like You

600 Child Care Owners
Completed The Ultimate Email Marketing Package

Announcing…Kris Murray’s
Ultimate Email Marketing Package!

The Ultimate Email Marketing Package was actually created and developed by one of our team members, Sindye Alexander. Sindye has over 20 years of experience in the child care industry.

When she was working as a busy child care owner and director, she developed this system for her own center and it took her about THREE YEARS (with TWO additional staff people) to put it all together while she was juggling all of her other obligations!

Sindye has recently sold her child care center and joined the The Child Care Success Company Team. But these are the exact emails that she used with her prospects and clients! They helped her grow from 32 children to 120 in a matter of 6 months.

Sindye knows firsthand what it was like to wear MANY hats in her center, being constantly pulled in so many directions. Juggling this, resolving that – fighting FIRES for much of her day.

When she saw how much effort, research and TIME went into creating these beautifully designed, and professionally worded emails, she knew she needed a way to share them with other busy child care owners and directors.

Sindye knew that were other child care leaders like her out there. Leaders that have a standard of excellence, looking for the best ways to market their centers for maximum results! She knew she needed to help as many centers as possible benefit from these done for you emails.

Imagine just how much time this will save you!!

Everything You Get

Email Templates
Expert Positioning Articles
Training Videos
$ 0
Worth of Bonuses

With the Ultimate Email Marketing Package, You Will Receive

(Thanks for Calling, Tour Confirmation, etc.)

Set these up in your email management (also called an auto-responder) system and forget it. They go out automatically, building a relationship with your prospects and educating them about your center while you go about your business.

We call them “Another Happy Parent” (I usually sprinkle these in about every third email to stretch out the auto responders, or you could add a testimonial to the bottom of every email – if you have a lot)

(could also do one for each of your teachers or staff that email parents)

Make asking for that payment less confrontational, at least with the first reminder.

(Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Spring Break, Winter Break, Teacher In service,Other)

( Supplies, Family Picnic, Preschool Graduation, Special Event, Open house, etc) Always be ready to share the latest news and updates with your families.

in the following topic categories: Health, Language & Literacy, Safety, Meals & Snacks, Family, Parenting, Household, Exercise, and Arts & Culture. That’s right, continue building that relationship with your families AFTER they enroll. Position yourself as the local authority regarding child care and child development with emails like “Potty Training Tips,” “6 Simple Early Science Experiences at Home,” “Healthy Snack Options,” and “Are You a Helicopter Parent?” (Can also be used for prospects in a nurture campaign)

Add to your “expert status” by sharing with families some reviews of classic children’s books.

Help parents learn about what to expect with their child’s development, helpful parenting tips, and when they should be concerned. Set up on an auto responder using the child’s birthdate as a guide.

Give parents simple science activities they can do at home for learning disguised as fun with their kids!

(If you use another email system, the constant contact videos will show you the steps, but you will have to know how to work within your platform to upload the content we provide.)

The training videos will show you:

  • how to access, open and download the content we provide
  • how to set up basic templates in Constant Contact that you can keep reusing by adding different content
  • OR how create and edit your email in Child Care CRM (It’s easier than you may think!)
  • how to create emails with YOUR OWN CONTENT using these same steps
  • how to create infographics that can be used in your emails and on social media.

Just send us an email to to set up a live screen-share and she will walk you through any questions you may have. (Limited to one 15-minute support session per client).

Plus 4 Bonus Gifts Valued at $2,388

Free Webinar: "How to Find The Email Management System That's Right For You"

  • Learn the Key Features Every Email
  • Management System Should Have.
  • List Building Basics Using a Lead Capture Form on Your Website.
  • How to Navigate Within Several Email Platforms.
  • Segmenting Lists and Auto Responder Basics.

$ 97

List Building Boot Camp

  • Exclusively Designed for Child Care Owners & Directors
  • Finally, an Easy, Step-by-Step System to Build Your Email List of Prospects and Loyal Customers.
  • The Fastest Way to Maximize Your Enrollment and Build Trust with One Click of the “Send” Button.

Includes 5 Training Modules: Traffic, Offers, Email Management, Building Relationships, Kris Murray’s Million Dollar Napkin  (17 Videos total)

$ 297

Fill Your Summer Camp Training

  • Are You Ready to Transform Your Summer Camp in to a Wildly Successful, Profitable Program?
  • How would it feel to approach June knowing that your revenue will be steady for the summer months? No more worrying about covering the costs of your childcare business.
  • In this ground-breaking training system, I’ll teach you how to create a unique summer experience for your family clients, how to market and promote it effectively, and MAXIMIZE your summer enrollment.

Includes 3 Training Modules, Training Workbook, Digital Swipe File of Marketing Materials, Templates & Examples

$ 247

Our Big Book of Best Strategies

Seven reports with tips and strategies to help you in all of your online marketing efforts.

  • Search Engine Optimization For Your Early Childhood Business
  • Simple and Successful List Building For Your Early Childhood Business
  • Understanding Google Adwords For Your Early Childhood Business
  • 7 Easy Steps to Setting Up a Facebook Page For Your Early Childhood Business
  • Collecting and Leveraging Parent Testimonials For Your Early Childhood Business
  • How to Make Sure You Are on the Map: Google Places For Your Early Childhood Business
  • How to Win on Yelp For Your Early Childhood Business

$ 273

How Do I Know If This Is FOR ME?

If you are a busy child care or preschool owner or director looking for ways to one of more of the following, then this is for you:

Automate Some of the Marketing

With the Ultimate Email Marketing Package, you will be able to spend some time setting up your emails, planning your campaigns, and then set it to function on auto pilot. You will save so much of your future time, and look like you are on top of keeping up with clients and prospects.

Build a Professional Image

In our digital age, it is almost expected that businesses have professional branding and display it everywhere. These email templates will help to build your brand recognition and have a professional image in your community.your community.

Improve Enrollment & Retention

Regularly communicating with clients is key to building your loyalty fence. If you stay in front of your community with expert tips, cool news, and helpful information, you are building a relationship with that recipient while you sleep. When your clients view YOU as THE child care authority, they are more likely to stick with you, even if there is a minor issue down the road.

Stand out Amongst the Competition

Over 90% of child care businesses are not effectively using email marketing. And if they do communicate by email, it’s something they’ve written fresh every time. These done-for-you templates will give you an edge on your competitors. You will have a branded professional image that will become one more “Wow” factor clients consider when considering which daycare to choose. I mean, if your emails are this polished, everything else in your program must be…..right?

Save Time?

This is a HUGE time saver! Imagine how many hours it would take you to write a campaign of just 10 email auto-responders. First you’d have to come up with a list of email topics, research and write the emails, proofread and grammar check, find photos or take your own, & create catchy subject lines. THEN you’d have to choose an auto-responder system, learn how to use it, and design & insert your content before you could set up your campaigns on a timer. This would take hours and hours and hours of time. Using the Ultimate Email Marketing Templates takes the majority of this out of the equation. Choose the emails you want to use. Copy the content & photos into your email system. Edit the content to fit your center if needed, then set it up to automatically send on the schedule you choose. It’s so simple.

Begin “Expert Positioning”

When you are providing parents with valuable information about child and family related topics, in their eyes, you start to become an authority on those topics. You can do this in a variety of ways; online videos, writing a book or a pamphlet, teaching classes, etc. Constantly trickling little bits of helpful information to your prospects and clients is also a way to begin positioning yourself or your center staff as the experts in all things child related. With over 100 expert positioning topics available to set up on auto responders… will be well on your way.

Attention Child Care CRM Software Users

The Ultimate Email Marketing Package is now fully integrated with Child Care CRM software.

With this integration, CRM users are able to load all of our email templates into their CRM platform and campaigns, with a few clicks of a button.

We are very excited about this integration. This will make our emails even faster and easier to use, on an ongoing basis. If you have specific questions about this, or want to schedule a CRM software demo, contact Child Care CRM by clicking here or send an email to

You are protected by my famous “I Love This Training” Guarantee! I’m confident that when you join my Boot Camp, you’re going to get instant value, and be thrilled with your investment.  

Just to back that up, I’ll give you until the end of week two to REALLY decide if this Boot Camp is for you. If you decide it’s not everything you want and need to grow your child care program, just let me know within two weeks of your purchase date, and get a refund. 100%, no questions asked. You have my word.

PLUS…if you show that you implemented the core concepts in this course and did not at least 10-TIMES your investment by the end of the first year, in terms of increased revenue to your preschool, I will refund every penny you invested. Again, you have my promise.

Frequently Asked Questions

No!! We provide all the content with suggested photos. If you are using Constant Contact (or a similar product), you only need how to copy & paste, and upload photos! If you are using Child Care CRM, you can upload our templates with the click of a button! We provide several instructional videos, and if you are really stuck, call us and we will help get you unstuck!

No! You can take the content we provide and copy it into any email system that you use. We recommend Child Care CRM and Constant Contact because they are pretty easy to use and figure out if you don’t currently use an email auto responder service. But if you use another service like Mail Chimp or aWeber, just plug this content in and you are good to go. You could also use some of the articles as filler in your parent newsletters or parent packets. Use the content in any of your marketing materials, however you choose.

No! We make is so EASY for you. If you use a program like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp, all you have to do is copy and paste content and upload photos where you want them. If you use Child Care CRM (*recommended*) our emails are fully integrated, so you can import the templates you want in a matter of minutes.  We provide step by step instructional videos to ensure you know exactly what to do!

Yes! Just email and we will set up a time to walk through your issues. We want you to be able to use this product to its fullest potential.

This will depend on your knowledge level within your auto responder system. If you are already fairly familiar, it will go more quickly. If you are a beginner, it may take a little longer, but after you set up a few emails, you should get the hang of it.