Tips for Making Your Child Care Business Visible to Parents

Living in a social media driven world, the way that millennial parents search for child care is significantly different than it was in years past. Although I highly advise that you still include community marketing and a parent referral program in your lead generation plan, you NEED to make sure that your school is being found online. If your school can’t easily be found online by parents when they are searching for local care, it is unlikely that they will ever discover your school.

In today’s video, I walk you through the process of generating online visibility for your school and provide you with tips to include in your online marketing plan. If you’re ready to up-level your lead generation and online marketing plan, this video is just the resource you are looking for.

Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Video:

  • Three of the top factors that influence a parent’s decision-making process for differentiating the “right” preschool for the child are UNIQUENESS, VALUE, AND TRUST.


  • When measuring the success of your lead generation on a monthly bases keep in mind that the average child care center in a suburban market with a population of 20-50k should receive an average of 20-25 leads a month.
  • To attract the interest of millennial parents and be full with a waitlist today, you have to be primarily visible online through…
      • Google Maps
      • Facebook (using ads and boosted posts)
      • Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube
      • Email marketing to your “house list”

  • Although online visibility is key in today’s market place, it is also important to maintain strong community marketing tactics and have a parent referral rewards program in place. This will ensure that you have a well-rounded marketing plan that will optimize your school’s visibility to its’ fullest potential.

  • To appear on the first page of Google search, you must include a few of the keywords that drive Google Listing & Search in your website copy. Those keywords are…
      • Daycare
      • Day care
      • Preschool
      • Child care
      • After school
      • Infant
      • Summer camp

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