Now is the Time to Say ‘Yes, Yes’ to You, Your Team and Families You Serve! (Keep Scrolling to Discover How)

The truth is, running an ECE business is hard work.

Even after the pandemic lockdowns, when “child care is essential” became a catchphrase, as an owner I know you still struggle with staff turnover, difficult parents, a toxic company culture, and even just making payroll.

It’s impossible to become the visionary for your business when you’re the one driving the bus, making lunch, and cleaning up messes. Sound familiar? Ever feel like the impact you’re making on children in your community looks tiny compared to the stress of keeping your center open?

At the Child Care Success Summit 2022, Lisa Nichols told the story of her son’s toy Tonka truck, which kept right on moving no matter how many times he threw it on the floor. Lisa encouraged us to say “yes, YES” to ourselves and our businesses. To continue forward even when it feels like we’re fighting an uphill battle.

I want to help make that possible for you. Like the included Tonka truck, I know you have the strength to press ahead into the future. You might just need a little lift along the way. Since 2007, I’ve been helping ECE owners just like you, in a huge variety of school types and models, find success in their businesses. Not just full enrollment…a waitlist. Not just paying the bills…making a profit. Not just getting tours…convincing parents they’re the best choice in their community. 

The Child Care Success Academy will help you to:

These are the typical results my team of coaches and I help hundreds of ECE leaders claim in the Child Care Success Academy. There is no other child care-specific mastermind group in existence that is on level with the Academy. We were the first, and we’re striving for excellence in the industry to this day. 

We aren’t here to teach you things we don’t know firsthand. Each of my coaches either do currently or have in the past owned their own schools and been on the ground level of this industry, discovering from their own successes and failures. Now, we want to take those lessons and apply them to your business so that you can reach success faster. 

The processes we’ll give you in the Academy are proven to be effective every single time in all types of child care and preschool centers, from faith-based, to Spanish immersion, play-based, and Montessori. 

Use the Uncertainty to Be Innovative & Grow
Your Child Care Center

Things are difficult for everyone right now. But in this changing economic climate, child care centers are needed more than ever. I know that the hiring climate is rough and you’re wondering how you will be able to keep up paying competitive wages, but more than ever before are parents willing to pay for QUALITY care.

If you have a quality program, quality teachers, and a heart-felt mission with a team that lives and breathes your core values that you are marketing to its fullest potential, parents will pay for that and the money will come in. 

This may seem like a terrible time to own a business, but I’d argue that it’s actually the opposite. Move in the opposite direction of the crowd. Swim upstream, and you’ll find success.

The Academy is for you if: 

Growing ECE Businesses Are Led by Growing Leaders – Yes, Yes!

The truth is, an incredible child care business is owned by a passionate, inspired, growing leader with forward momentum. 

During the economic downturn in 2008, I used my marketing knowledge to help the owners of my children’s preschool dig themselves out of stress and difficulty. This made me ask…why couldn’t all ECE leaders succeed in the same way?

I truly believe that through the Academy, they can.

Through the Academy, I’ve personally watched hundreds of ECE businesses succeed. Together, we’ve made a commitment to grow. 

This commitment to growth has allowed owners to increase their enrollment, reach their personal wealth goals, and make a huge impact in their community through the lives of children. Are you ready for that to become your story?

Here is what a few of our Academy have had to say about their experience with us so far: 

 You Can Break the Barriers That Are Keeping Your Center
from Growing – Yes, Yes!

What are the growth barriers that you’re facing today in your school? Is your enrollment lower than it should be? Are you hanging on to toxic staff members? 

The wrong question to ask when wanting to grow your school and reach more families is “how do I get my school to grow?” This will lead to the wrong answer every time. A better question is, “What is keeping my school from growing?” 

Lack of staff? Toxic employees? Maybe it’s just that you aren’t marketing enough and no one knows about your school. Whatever it is, we’re here to help you crush those barriers. 

The Academy Will Help You Break Through
Those Barriers – Yes, Yes!

The Child Care Success Academy is exactly what you need to help you grow your enrollment, get a solid staff in the door, and pick up the money you’ve left on the table to reach your wealth goals faster. 

But my coaches have a limited number of spots on their calendars to discuss the Academy and your particular business, and I want to make sure it happens for you. We’ll get started with a strategy call so we can really get to understand you and the particular challenges your school faces. Right from the beginning, we’ll be giving you practical tips and tricks to implement immediately. 

The Academy isn’t for everyone. It’s for those owners who are serious about making their school successful and impacting as many children as they can. People who are serious about becoming visionary leaders. The Academy is for those who are willing to take action and make a commitment to fully participate. 

All That Said, Here’s the “Official List” of What You Will Receive
When You Join the Academy:

Plus much, much more! As you can see, just the tangible benefits of the Academy far outweigh the financial investment.

My Team of Coaches and I Will Help You
Your Membership – Yes, Yes!

If there’s a tool that my team and I have – CRM marketing tools and templates, financial strategies and trackers, proven-to-work social media tactics, webinars, team leadership and culture building resources, current industry-trending marketing strategies, and much more – we’ll make sure you and your team get access.

While the Child Care Success Academy will stretch you to grow, implement, and take action, it will not be overwhelming. I’ll help you prioritize and manage your time so you can maximize your effectiveness and the effectiveness of your team.

Each membership level also includes a private Facebook group just for members, in which you’ll be able to ask questions, celebrate victories, get quick advice, and come together with your tribe in difficult moments.

Believe and Trust in Yourself – Yes, Yes!

At the Summit, Lisa Nichols encouraged us to believe that we can have a bigger impact than we ever thought possible. She explained how during one of the most difficult periods of her life, when she was on food assistance, child care works just like you took amazing care of her son while she worked to better their situation. That allowed her to become the world-renowned speaker and business leader she is today.

Never underestimate the difference you make in the world, just by owning your school(s). Through your work, you have the ability to help sculpt the future of your community and even the world. 

Do you believe that you have a quality program that your community needs? Do you believe that with a little hard work that it can be the successful business and dream job that you want it to be? Do you know that you can do greater things? Then like that Tonka truck, let’s keep moving ahead, no matter what obstacles come your way.

Your Results Will Exceed the Financial Investment

For most owners, the monthly investment of an Academy membership is about the same as one child enrolled full-time. Since we will be helping you increase your enrollments by many more than one child, the coaching program essentially pays for itself many times over.

Think about what one enrollment is worth to you. What about five? Or ten? Could the profit from doubling or tripling your investment allow you to reach your wealth goals faster? Allow you to invest in your team and continue to uplevel your center and its impact? Allow you to expand your program and have a larger impact? Then the Academy is absolutely financially worth it. 

It’s Tonka, Tonka, Tonka Time! Are You Ready to Grow Your ECE Business So You Can Serve and Positively Impact More Children and Families?

The heartfelt mission of the entire Child Care Success Company™ team is to improve the child care experience for one million children on the planet, by raising the bar on the experience for teachers, parents, leaders and of course kids. Today, we are inviting you to be part of this mission. 

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