Training Half a Million Early Educators Over Two Decades with Maria Taylor

I am pleased to bring you an episode focused on professional development with my wonderful guest Maria Taylor. Maria truly knows the child care industry inside and out as a 30-year veteran and CEO of ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI). CCEI is one of our newest partners and they are one of the sponsors of our (drumroll) upcoming 5-Day Child Care Start-Up Challenge! More about that in the episode.

As we look behind the scenes of professional development, we talk about the importance of training and onboarding, career ladders and company visions, building strong structures, investing in your people, how the pandemic has caused so many of us to pivot and innovate, why CCEI has one of the industry’s leading platforms, and more. If you’ve been looking to take your center to the next level, this episode is really for you.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode: 

  • [3:00] Kris shares details and information about their exciting new 5-Day Child Care Startup Challenge: How to Launch a Profitable Center in 5 Days!

  • [9:00] Maria shares what her role is within CCEI and what the company is all about

  • [9:45] Maria discusses how she got started in the child care industry and how her career has evolved over the years.

  • [15:46] Maria reveals a few statistics and specifics that CCEI offers to those in the industry, including what their most affordable options are. 

  • [19:33] Maria shares what makes CCEI such a unique eLearning platform.

  • [23:59] Kris asks Maria if CCEI provides any courses that cover the career ladder in ECE businesses.

  • [24:59] Maria shares some of the industry trends that she has seen as ECE businesses emerge out of the pandemic. 

  • [28:32] Maria provides details about their parent-focused eLearning platform ParentEducate.

  • [32:12] Kris and Maria discuss the reasons behind uptick in classroom behavioral problems that have resulted due to the pandemic.

  • [35:22] Maria shares what resources she has currently been utilizing. 

  • [36:48] Kris asks Maria to share what message she would put on a billboard if she could.

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