Turning a Dream into a Bigger Reality than You Ever Imagined

Today Kris is joined with very special and inspiring guests, Brian and Carol Duprey! Brian Duprey is a seasoned 20-year veteran in the childcare industry. Along with his wife Carol, they have opened and operated eight different childcare centers in central Maine and currently, own five schools. They have been married for over 26 years and have five children and four grandchildren. We talk with Brian and Carol about their very inspiring mindset and attitude, overcoming challenges along the way of becoming business leaders, strategies they use when hiring great teachers, and how after all these years of working together they still end each night holding hands! Success and a winning attitude are woven into everything they do, and it is their mission to help others and inspire them to live the best life possible.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Our guests today are Brian and Carol Duprey. They are seasoned veterans of over 20 years in the childcare industry, and just happen to be married! Together they have opened and operated eight child care centers in Maine. Brian helps Kris in the Child Care Success Academy, and both are amazing and inspirational human beings!
  • Brian and Carol met while they were in the Navy, and tried a few different businesses before child care. They moved to Maine with no money or jobs and just a dream of becoming business owners together. Carol was the one with her foot first in the child care door, with opening their first daycare. This lead to them opening their first center and proved to people why they should get the necessary help in order to get funded.
  • During the recession, they had seven centers open, and they had some funding cut along with losing a lot of children. In eight years of business, they have only had to lay off one person.
  • They have been married for 26 years, and have done every business venture together, including one where Carol was the Mayor of their town for one year!
  • Carol tends to deal with the peacekeeping between staff and the parents, addressing their concerns and overall customer service. Brian deals a little more with the money and sales, negotiations and strategic component.
  • They discuss how their children help run their business and how fulfilling it is to have such great and compassionate children that share the passion for great childcare.
  • They have a pretty low turnover but find that when someone leaves another great person arrives. A lot of their workforce has even left and then returned back to work with them.
  • Brian has a gratitude journal that he writes things he is thankful for and this helps put him in a mindset of positive gratitude for the entire day.
  • Brian manifested working with Kris! He dreamt himself speaking and working with Kris, and sure enough, it came true!

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