Unstoppable: A Global Vision of Massive Impact with Kishani Woldberhan

In this episode, Kris welcomes the very inspirational Kishani Woldberhan of Kids Early Learning Centers, now operating four locations in Texas with plans for expansion into Ethiopia. Kishani talks about bringing Montessori-inspired education to underserved communities, and her vision for building two new schools in Ethiopia with a combined capacity of over 3,000 students. She offers valuable advice on setting clear goals, implementing strong systems and accountability, and using technology like Slack and QR codes to effectively lead a growing business. She and Kris also talk about embracing the difficult things and realizing the sky’s the limit when it comes to realizing your vision.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • [7:12] Kishani joins the show from Arlington, Texas, and talks more about Kids Early Learning Centers.

  • [7:39] Kishani talks about the four locations currently running and the plan to expand to Ethiopia.

  • [13:30] Buying a center during the pandemic but opening it in 2021.

  • [14:50] What sets KIDS Early Learning Centers apart in the market.

  • [17:54] Working with Grow Your Center.

  • [20:16] How they made their vision a reality and why they are bringing the brand to Ethiopia.

  • [26:33] Advice for others wanting to open up a school internationally.

  • [29:02] The sky’s the limit when you put in the hard work and act with purpose and strategy.

  • [31:07] Keep the end in mind and work backward when working towards your goals.

  • [32:03] Giving your staff the tools they need to succeed.

  • [35:14] How Kishani communicates with her leadership team.

  • [41:50] How being a member of the Academy has helped Kishani and the importance of finding mentors.

  • [43:06] Keep your eyes peeled for Kishani’s program for a childcare management system, which will come out in June.

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