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If You Are Having Difficulty with Finding Great Employees, Struggle with Getting Your Staff to Do Basic Tasks, or are Constantly Fighting Off Gossip and Negativity, This Book is For You!

Improve Your Culture and Lead Your Team to Success!

This Comprehensive Leadership Book Will Help You Lead a Team Successfully, Avoid 32 Common Culture Crushers, Resolve Conflict with a Simple Process, and Give You More Than 76 Ready-To-Implement Ideas to Help Your Improve the Culture in Your Center!

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Perfect for Leaders of Early Education Programs!

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Sindye Alexander and Kris Murray, founder of the Child Care Success Company,  pictured together.

We are So Excited to bring this book to you!

Before Sindye joined The Child Care Success Company team in 2016 as the Director of Marketing and as a child care training coach, she was a child care business owner and a member of the Child Care Success Academy™. By applying what she had learned in the Academy, Sindye was able to move to a larger location, and with the help of her team, grow her small child care center of 32 children to 120 children, just three months after relocating. 

Included in this two section book are hiring and interviewing basics, 32 Culture Crushers to avoid, and 76 ready-to-implement ideas to help you improve the culture in your center – with examples from successful child care business owners!

Exactly Who This Book is For:

Child Care and Preschool Owners, Directors, and Leaders

We know you got into the child care field because you want to make a difference for children! But in order to do that you need the help of a team of responsible, caring individuals. You just couldn’t do it without them, however, leading that team isn’t always easy – even with the best of intentions!

Your position is demanding and dynamic, and sometimes even well-meaning owners and directors fall short when it comes to leadership and building a positive and productive workplace culture.

The truth is, a leadership problem can equal a turnover problem, a morale problem, an enrollment problem, a reputation problem, and a bottom line problem. Almost everything about the success or failure of your child care business is determined by the leadership.

A strong, positive company culture starts with a strong, positive inspired leader!

When you purchase this book for yourself (or the directors on your team), you are taking your first steps to becoming a stronger leader and creating a positive, collaborative culture in your preschool. This book will leave you with a long list of easy-to-implement ideas for you to discuss and get started on right away with your leadership team. 

Kris Murray, the world’s leading child care business expert and President and Founder of The Child Care Success Company. 

"This book is an incredible resource for our industry..."

“This book is an incredible resource for our industry and it presents leadership and culture in a whole new way. There are many books out there on this topic, but the concepts and concrete ideas are fresh and immediately implementable in your program! This is no “theory-based” pie in the sky book. It’s concrete, tangible, and 100% useful to any child care leader.

I am so excited about the positive impact this book is going to have on the quality and leadership of early childhood programs around the world.”

This Book was Written Specifically for Owners & Directors Leading Teams of Early Childhood Teachers & Caregivers

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If you're ready to lower staff turnover rates, set your workplace culture up for success and develop personal leadership, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!

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Perfect for Leaders of Early Education Programs!

Or Multiple Charges  Could Be Added

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Why is This Book a Must-Have for Your Success Library?

This book is unlike any other leadership book out there – it is specifically written for early childhood leaders AND is written by someone who has been in your shoes and has discovered how to successful fight these battles.

Sindye knows first hand what it’s like to be an owner/director struggling to lead with their head rather than their heart and is ready to share concrete and ready-to-implement tactics that she used to transform her child care business. 

She recognizes that this is a COMMON ISSUE in our industry and owners and directors NEED a fresh, go-to guide on how to overcome this struggle.

Here's a Fraction of What's Inside and What It Might Mean For You and Your Child Care Team:


Chapter 1 Understanding Turnover: The first stop on your journey to a positive company culture.

Chapter 2 – Cultivating a Quality Culture: Mapping your route to a unified team with a clear vision.

Chapter 3Hiring Basics: Being behind the wheel, recruiting passengers for your journey.

Chapter 4Conducting Great Interviews: Your roadtrip to a positive workplace culture begins here.

Chapter 5 – Successful Employee Onboarding: You’ve reached your destination, now what?

Chapter 6 Maintaining a Positive Environment: You are on an endless journey to a clear destination.

Chapter 732 Common Culture Crushers: Don’t get stuck in these morale busting road blocks, take the detour to a thriving workplace culture.

Chapter 8 – Conflict Resolution Strategies:  A roadmap to help you navigate through tense situations and workpalce conflict. 

Chapter 9 When You Need to Let Someone Go: Your exit is up ahead, don’t miss the off ramp.

Culture Tip #1 – This may be the MOST IMPORTANT thing for you or your director to work on. It really sets the tone and is foundational for the rest of your company culture.

Culture Tip #9 – Here’s how to get your team to share some of their ideas to improve your company or your services. It starts with your actions & attitudes as a leader and it’s super easy to do! I guarantee if you do this, it will lighten your workload as well!

Culture Tip #18 – You get loyalty from your team members when they feel like you truly care about them, not just about what they can do for you while at work. Doing THIS with your team members is bound to help you cement relationships and improve your retention rates! Plus, it’s super fun!

Culture Tip #32Communication gaps in your business are one of the biggest staff demotivators. They happen when team members do not feel like they have the information they need to do their jobs. Culture Tip #32 will show you how to overcome this hurdle.

Culture Tip #42 – Everyone loves to be surprised with an outpouring of love and appreciation. This technique for an impromptu celebration can be a fun way to boost morale. 

Culture Tip #58 – Start “wowing” your new hires on day one with some added touches that make them feel extremely welcome right off the bat! This tip reveals  ONE SPECIAL IDEA to give each new hire a special “Teacher Survival Kit” on their first day. All the details of exactly what to include are inside!

Culture Tip #64 – If you want to increase your employee retention rates, this tip reveals ONE special thing you can do to help your team members cross over from co-worker to friends. You’ll discover why having friends at work decreases the likelihood of your staff leaving for “greener pastures,” you’ll have a plan of action, and you’ll barely have to lift a finger.

Here's What To Do Next

We are SUPER EXCITED to hear the amazing results that readers have had so far from implementing the tactics and ideas in this book! We want those success stories to keep rolling in and want to help positively transform the culture in as many preschools as we can!

AND- we want to get it in the hands of as many owners and directors as possible! So click the BUY Button so you can grab one for every leader on your team.

Do not forget to grab extra copies to give each new director you onboard into your center. 


This book SOLD OUT ON THE SECOND DAY when it was released at The Child Care Success Summit 2018! 

Before we EVER sent you any emails about it or went Live on Facebook to tell you about the book!

Perfect for Leaders of Early Education Programs!

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Order Now!

This Comprehensive Leadership Book Will Help You Lead a Team Successfully, Avoid 32 Common Culture Crushers, Resolve Conflict with a Simple Process, and Give You More Thans 76 Ready-To-Implement Ideas to Help Your Improve the Culture in Your Center!

Or Multiple Charges  Could Be Added

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