Using FAQs to Build Trust and Gain Enrollments

Have you created a FAQ page for your child care website? If you haven’t done this yet, you probably should. There are tons of benefits. Here are a few reasons you should consider creating an FAQ page for your website.

Make it easier for visitors to find their way around your website –  

The cool thing is, most of the information that you will include on your FAQs page probably already exists somewhere else on your website, in your parent handbook, or in a marketing brochure. Organizing it all in concise little snippets on a FAQ page just makes it easier for users to find. Plus, you can provide hyperlinks to other pages on your site within your answers.

Your FAQ page can boost your organic search – 

This is a great opportunity to share answers to questions about your child care program, AND also to general questions about your industry or your personal expertise. Providing answers to these types of questions can bring in people who may not even know about your preschool, but found an answer to their Google search on your site and clicked through to learn more. Use a service such as to find out what people are asking in their searches.

You’ll make visiting your website a better experience for visitors – 

Even if your website is the most well-organized site in the world, visitors will usually have to sort through a bunch of pages to find the answer they are looking for. If they just want a quick answer to a simple question, having a well-organized list of FAQs can help users find what they are looking for much faster.

Start by brainstorming a list of common questions you get on a weekly basis. Then expand that list to include questions parents SHOULD be asking. Organize these questions into categories and type up your answers. 

Having this information compiled into this Q&A format offers the reader a central place to find clear and concise delivery of the info they are looking for.

You’ll can save some cash in the customer service department – 

When you are proactive about sharing answers to commonly asked questions on your website, you can eliminate some needless phone calls to your school. You can help families become fully informed about what’s most important to them. 

With a good FAQ page in place to answer basic questions, your front office staff can spend their time enrolling families. That being said, your FAQ page is meant to supplement human interaction, not replace it. Always give users a way to contact you if they haven’t found the answer they need.

A bonus benefit of having an FAQ page is that it’s a great source of content ideas – 

You can take any topic in your FAQs list and expand on it. For example, in your FAQ’s you might give a short answer to “How do you support parents working on potty training their toddler at home?” But you can take that topic and provide a more in-depth blog article with potty training tips, best practices, case studies, resources, etc.

Build trust and overcome objections with your FAQ page – 

When you provide prospects with an answer before they even knew they had a question, you eliminate objections before they even occur. Also, if someone DOES have a question and they can find the answer quickly, it builds trust. Wow, you’ve already thought of that! Essentially, you reduce any misgivings they might have had and make it easier for them to choose your school.

Your FAQ page lets you quickly address new issues – 

The best FAQ page will not be static. It will be updated as new issues and questions come up. When your teachers or front office staff notice several parents asking the same questions, add those Q’s and A’s to your FAQ page. If you add enrichment classes, change your business hours, or if a worldwide pandemic changes the way you do business, you can update or add to your FAQ page to provide the most up-to-date information.

You can be “sneaky” about telling prospects and clients what YOU WANT them to know about your school – 

The Q&A format makes it look like other people are wondering “How do your low staff turnover rates lead to better quality in the classroom for my child?” or “How does being bilingual at an early age affect brain development?” when in reality you just want a way to share that information with the world. Sneaking in a few braggy or USP focused questions into your FAQs allows you to share your benefits & features in a straightforward, non-salesy way. Use this trick to your advantage.

Also, keep in mind there are several ways to word a question, so the reader is presented with the information in the way you want them to see it. There is a big difference between these questions about the same topic.

  • Do you offer an afterschool program?
  • Does your afterschool program provide opportunities for physical activity as well as help with homework?”
  • Do you offer any enrichment classes or activities after school for school-age children?

The USP focused questions you list in your FAQs will depend on the answer you want to give or the benefit you want to showcase.

You’ll gain insights about your customers’ needs & wishes by answering questions – 

When you listen to the questions and concerns of your customers, you’ll be able to mold and shape the way you do business to fit what they are looking for, thus gaining more enrollments.

To help you get started creating, revising, or improving your center’s FAQ’s I want to provide you with some example ideas. Use this exhaustive list of FAQ ideas starters to craft your own FAQs section on your website. 

To help you get started creating, revising, or improving your center’s FAQ’s I want to provide you with some example ideas. 

Use this exhaustive list of FAQ ideas starters to craft your own FAQs section on your website.

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