Using Mindfulness to Build Resilience with Dr. Kate Lund

This week, Kris welcomes Kate Lund, Psy.D., and author of Bounce: Help Your Child Build Resilience and Thrive in School, Sports, and Life. Kate shares her unique viewpoint on how to help children build resilience, deal with frustration, and negotiate better when things don’t go their way. Kate shares the Seven Pillars of Resilience that she has identified after 20 years of working with so many kids and families, and she and Kris talk through the specific strategies for how to be more tolerant of frustrating circumstances. Kate talks about the importance of this message as many children and adults are feeling their stress at a higher level these days.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:  

  •  [12:49] Kate talks about how her book Bounce brings together her professional experience working with hundreds of families and children and also the personal challenges she had to grapple with in her own youth.



  • [16:34] Kate lists the Seven Pillars including:
    The ability to tolerate frustration and manage emotions
    Navigating friendships and social pressure 
    Sustaining focus and attention
    Developing courage
    Building Motivation
    Finding Confidence
    Creating optimism
  • [22:01] Kate talks about some powerful daily mindfulness practices such as visualization and deep breathing.



  • [25:00] We are at all-time-high levels of anxiety and behavioral stress in kids coming out of the pandemic.



  • [30:00] We should try to get the words “fail” and “failure” out of our vocabulary and flip to learning and underperforming.

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