The “Vivid Vision” for your Child Care Business

Someone I spoke about at the Child Care Success Summit 2016 is one of of my favorite authors, Cameron Herold. He has written and co-authored some amazing books, one in particular called the ‘Miracle Morning for Entrepreneurs’. This book shows you how to have the best day, every day, especially for business owners. From this book Cameron speaks of the “vivid vision” which is what I want to share with you all today and how it can relate to your child care business!

The vivid vision is about throwing out the typical corporate vision of how a business should be and looking 3 years ahead to imagine your life and your child care or preschool business. It’s almost like going through a time machine in your mind and getting very clear about what you want every day to be like. You need to be very specific with yourself.

Really take a second to think about what your clients are like, what kind of teachers you have kept and developed, what type of culture drives the day-to-day in the business, and, most importantly, what type of vision and culture is driving you and your vision on a day-to-day basis.

Your big assignment to move your child care forward: Re-look at your goals and look at your vision. Imagine where your business is heading in the next 3 or 5 or even 10 years time. Don’t just set New Years resolutions or goals. Take a look at your long term vision and make sure everything aligns. Write down what that looks like to you.

Then the next step is to hold a meeting with your team. Have an interactive discussion about your vision and get feedback from them. Describe it, write it out, talk through it with them. Get their buy-in. Then the next step would be to let your employees do some visioning and take the vivid vision to the classroom. Where do they want to take it? How does it map to your vision?

This will set your child care business up for success not only for the year to come but for the years to come too! As always, feel free to share with us any Vivid Vision process that you’ve used to take you forward!

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