Are you excited about the new year ahead, or do you dread what life may have in store for you? You may have dreams and goals for your life, but do you feel they’re attainable? After the past couple of years, you may be completely unmotivated to even consider setting goals. And what about the people on your team?

If you need a boost to your mindset and a clear, easy process for attaining your goals and dreams this year, this webinar is for you. Join global ECE leader and renowned speaker, Kris Murray, and the CEO of the Child Care Success Company, Jennifer Conner, for this special online workshop where they’ll reveal the keys to success on their own personal journeys and how you can apply them to your life to get real results.

Plus, you’ll learn tips for motivating and inspiring your team to achieve their professional and personal goals. Together, you will be on a path to creating a stronger, more empowered culture in your center or preschool in 2024. If you attend only one webinar this year, THIS is the one you need! Let’s crush it this year, as Kris and Jen inspire us to WIN your day, your week, and ultimately your powerful year.

In This Webinar, You’ll Learn:
    • Why the goals you set are actually far less important than the systems you put in place to support you to hit those goals
    • Why 95% of the people in the world stay stuck in old patterns, and how to be one of the 5% that break through
    • Real-world examples of systems our clients and team have used to make huge shifts in our lives and businesses
    • The 7 areas of your life that matter in setting goals
    • How to not be overwhelmed by everything you want to do this year, and how to get real clarity about what matters
    • And more!
If you’re looking to level up your business as we move into 2024, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

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Meet Your Webinar Hosts, Kris Murray and Jennifer Conner

Kris Murray is the President and Founder of The Child Care Success Company. She began the company in 2008 when the economy was starting to tank and the enrollment of her children’s preschool was down significantly. They were about half full, desperate, and in need of answers. Taking her marketing knowledge and combining it with her “mom hat” she was able to create a system for my very first client (TLC Academy in Hudson, Ohio) that worked to grow their enrollment by about 55 children in 11 months. Together, they doubled their enrollment by putting proven but little-known marketing strategies into place. Today, they remain nearly full and have a waiting list for some rooms. Today Kris spends her days running The Child Care Success Company, The Child Care Success Academy and The Child Care Success Summit – the world’s largest conference 100% focused on teh BUSINESS of child care. Kris is also author to 4 books including The Ultimate Child Care Marketing Guide.

Jennifer Conner was promoted to the Director of Coaching in 2019 and then to CEO in 2023. Through her renowned delegation skills, she was able to build a strong staff culture and leadership team with an ownership mentality enabling her to live – and work – from a beach in Mexico!

She is now fully exited from her child care business, leaving behind a legacy that her Executive Director now owns and operates, allowing her to enjoy her successes, spend time with her awesome husband and four great kids, coach the best owners and team members in the child care industry – and enjoy that beautiful Mexican beach!