One way child care center owners are streamlining their operations and create more time for themselves, director, and admin support staff is through automation.
And one powerful automation tool that impacts may touch points within your marketing and sales funnel is your CRM.
Most people are barely scratching the surface of what their CRM can do for their business – it’s time to turbo boost it and start saving yourself 200-300 hours per year (Yes, that’s basically 2 months of time!).
What you’re going to get from this webinar:
    • Tactical tips on how many emails and text messages to send before it starts to hurt your relationship with your prospects
    • An Advanced CRM Marketing Blueprint to level up CRM into “Boss Mode”
    • Inspiring template designs and layouts to put your creativity in overdrive
    • A step-by-step “what you need to get done” checklist to get your CRM system into Boss Mode
    • An “oh-oh-critical-gaps” checklist that will get you some quick wins immediately
    • Grow Your Center’s exclusive Annual Campaign Plan and Checklist
    • Tips on where to add your CTAs (calls-to-actions) in your emails and newsletters
    • A “once-in-a-life-time” offer to support you in getting all this done
    • … And more!
If you’re looking to level up your business in 2022 as we move into 2023, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

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Webinar: Your CRM On Boss Mode

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Meet Your Webinar Host, Kris Murray

Kris Murray is the President and Founder of The Child Care Success Company. She began the company in 2008 when the economy was starting to tank and the enrollment of her children’s preschool was down significantly. They were about half full, desperate, and in need of answers. Taking her marketing knowledge and combining it with her “mom hat” she was able to create a system for my very first client (TLC Academy in Hudson, Ohio) that worked to grow their enrollment by about 55 children in 11 months. Together, they doubled their enrollment by putting proven but little-known marketing strategies into place. Today, they remain nearly full and have a waiting list for some rooms. Today Kris spends her days running The Child Care Success Company, The Child Care Success Academy and The Child Care Success Summit – the world’s largest conference 100% focused on teh BUSINESS of child care. Kris is also author to 4 books including The Ultimate Child Care Marketing Guide.


The Ultimate Child Care Marketing Guide, The 77 Best Strategies to Grow Your Early Childhood Program, The Teacher Happiness Guide, and Additional Titles in the Kris Murray Library

Speaker and Conference Host

Host of The Child Care Success Summit - The World's Largest Conference 100% Focused on the Business of Child Care, Speaker at State and National Conferences, and Private Company Trainings

Thought Leader

Founder of The Child Care Success Academy, Host of Child Care Rockstar Radio, Co-sponsor of the North American Child Care Benchmarking Report (with HiMama), Creator of Original Webinars and Training Courses, and more!