Where There’s a Will There’s a Way with Victoria Lynch

Victoria Lynch and her team at First Discovery Children’s Academy in Virginia are having what she feels is the best year yet, and she explains what exactly her process has been for their expansion, growth, and most importantly — fun. Victoria and Kris discuss how game-changing it was to finally hire an Executive Director, her methods for delegating, and which of her marketing efforts provided the largest enrollment boosts. Victoria also shares the wisdom she has learned since beginning her journey with First Academy and why a true child care rockstar never gives up on their dreams.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Victoria is up to three First Discovery locations in Virginia, and she has been in the business for over 10 years. She and Kris agree that it takes time and hours to master your craft and a decade in the business certainly helps.
  • Victoria hired an Executive Director who has been with her for eight years. She helps immensely by taking some of the day-to-day stuff off her plate so she can focus on her tasks and not get too distracted.
  • Victoria has had much success in implementing the EOS structure for effective and efficient meetings that give others on her team a chance to identify, discuss, and solve their issues.
  • When Victoria provided her team with an enrollment gaining incentive of having the chance to go on a vacation, she saw a 20% increase in enrollment from it. She also provided them with peer mentors and helps build them up to have a well-rounded experience, both personally and professionally.
  • Victoria has a great mindset and it inspires others around her. She realizes that a true child care rockstar doesn’t wait for the right time to go after their goals. They also have emotional resilience, and understand that quitting is not an option.
  • If she could do it all again, from day one Victoria would start tracking and implementing different marketing strategies, start collecting parent testimonials and reviews, and take clarity breaks. 

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