Why Different Is Better Than Good with Mike Michalowicz

Author and speaker Mike Michalowicz brings his wisdom and expertise to the podcast this week. Mike talks with Kris about his bestseller, Profit First, and his latest book, Get Different, created to inspire small business owners to get out of the sea of sameness and stand out. He and Kris talk about why being different is the first way to garner success, how we can be less fearful about being authentic, and Mike explains the passion behind his mission to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty.


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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode: 

  • [8:45] Mike shares the setbacks that he has had throughout his career that have actually ended up acting as the setups to his success, and how he took the lessons he learned during those setbacks to create content that can help entrepreneurs learn to be permanently profitable.

  • [11:04]  It’s almost impossible to change ourselves but it’s very possible to channel ourselves.

  • [13:39] Mike shares the most common mistakes that he sees small business owners fall prey to. 

  • [14:50] When something different is present, we pay attention to it. Garnering attention is the first step to garnering business.

  • [16:22] Mike describes what he believes is the “ultimate act of kindness” as a small business owner/entrepreneur. 

  • [17:05] Mike explains how the way we we treat our customers and do business is the best example of our marketing and the way we build trust with prospects.

  • [20:23] Mike shares some examples of businesses he has worked with that have gone from boring and basic to standing out.

  • [23:40] Standing out can be scary, but when we believe that what we offer can help people, it is our responsibility to get the word out.

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