Why Lifelong Learning Makes You a Better Leader with Ryan Hawk

This week, Kris is joined by Ryan Hawk, author, speaker, thought leader, and host of The Learning Leader Show, a podcast that has millions of listeners and much industry acclaim. Ryan talks about his rising role as an NFL Quarterback, and how he pivoted to creating a show that allows him to have deep and thoughtful conversations with top leaders from all over the world. Ryan gives us a glimpse into what the world of leadership holds for early learning leaders, and practical lessons to provide to your business and beyond. He also shares a few of his favorite guests from The Learning Leader Show, and life-changing takeaways that came out of their episode.

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Here Are the Key Takeaways From This Episode:

  • Ryan played football at two colleges and even pursued a path to the NFL. The experience taught him a lot and he still draws from the lessons he learned as an athlete.

  • Ryan created The Learning Leader Show podcast as a way to show his continuing education as a leader, and start a public conversation between leaders all around the world.

  • Ryan’s wife and daughters are his ultimate “why” to inspire and lead, to show them it is possible to create your own life by following your own intellectual curiosity and vigor.

  • There are four commonalities that Ryan has found in the best coaches and leaders in his life. First being, they aggressively pursue their curiosity to learn more and strive to get better.

  • Great leaders over-deliver on a consistent basis, and they look for ways to make an impact and a significant difference.

  • Leaders should understand just how powerful they are; this will help them use their power for good.

  • It is important for owners to be engaged in the actual school management, to show up and meet parents on school tours. You can still work on the business, but show up as a leader at the integral times to communicate your mission and your vision.

  • Books are a magical thing, and it doesn’t cost a lot to acquire knowledge through the power of books.

  • An effective leader does all three consistently every day: manage, lead, and coach.

  • Two of the most important attributes and habits Kris has found from interviewing so many leaders are 1.) fast action and 2.) constant working on mindset.

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