WOW Parents By Adding Virtual Enrichment Classes to Your Preschool

We know child care and preschool owners are always looking for ways to add value to their programs. Looking for ways to stand out and be different from their competitors, to be unique, to offer MORE. After all, the more appealing that you are to prospective families, the more enrollments you’ll get and the higher your retention rates will soar.

That’s why we wanted to bring you this amazing resource on our blog today. So many of the owners we work with have been trying to put together virtual learning opportunities for their families since the whole COVID-19 crisis began in March of 2020.

And it’s been a little bit cumbersome for many of you:

  • Teachers aren’t always comfortable being on camera. 
  • There are technical aspects that you need to learn and solve. 
  • You have to come up with the content, practice, and then record or go live.
  • And that’s all on top of the regular, normal, day-to-day duties you and each of your staff members have going on.

Five Reasons to Add Techie Kids Club Enrichment Classes to Your Preschool

Byline:  Dr. Corinne Muller

Enrichment programs are a proven way for preschools to appeal to new parents and engage current families. Plus, kids and teachers love them! However, even with their many benefits, some schools are struggling with including enrichment classes in their program due to the ongoing pandemic. In fact, some schools and enrichment providers have paused their onsite programs.  

To address this growing need, Techie Kids Club has created a brand-new way to offer enrichment classes that’s safe, affordable and easy to add to your preschool program.  I’m Dr. Corinne Muller, and I worked with our team of educators to design coding classes to be used in preschool classrooms. 

Techie Kids Club’s School Membership gives you instant, unlimited access to On Demand video classes hosted by a virtual teacher. Ideal for kids 4-8 years old, each 30-minute themed class teaches skills such as sequencing, problem-solving and creativity. Your teachers simply download the materials, do minimal prep and play the video lesson from the member website. 

Here are five reasons to start your Techie Kids Club School Membership:

1. Unique Enrichment Programs Build Enrollment

Offering preschool coding classes makes your preschool unique, and provides you with a big competitive advantage.  Today’s millennial parents expect a strong technology component when choosing a childcare provider.  Techie Kids Club’s School Membership gives you instant access to a growing technology curriculum that you can highlight with prospective families.

2. Pre-Planned Enrichment Classes Save Time

Your staff can spend hours researching, planning and developing quality STEAM-based classroom lessons.  The Techie Kids Club team has done all the work for you.  Each class is designed by professional educators, and all the materials are ready to go.  Every themed class includes:

    1. 30-minute interactive video 
    2. Lesson overview 
    3. Simple supply list
    4. Printable class materials
    5. Home extension activities

3. Unlimited Enrichment Classes Are Easy to Add to Your Schedule

The On-Demand format makes this the most flexible enrichment program you’ll find.  You can present the classes when it works for your schedule.  Plus, it is an unlimited web-based subscription, so your school can use each class as often as you like, with as many students as you like. New classes are added to the curriculum every month and are included at no extra cost. 

4. Parent Engagement Tools Help to Build Loyalty to Your School

With built-in home extension materials and free promotional tools, Techie Kids Club helps you to keep families engaged and informed. Send home the prepared extension activities to showcase your school’s innovative curriculum.

5. Budget-Friendly Enrichment Options Are a Smart Investment

Techie Kids Club School Membership is an affordable way to instantly upgrade your preschool’s program and build enrollment.  For less than $1 per day, you can add a quality, in-demand program that will thrill touring parents and demonstrate your school’s commitment to current families.

If you’d like to learn more about this new enrichment option and try a free class, please visit Techie Kids Club

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